Mothers-to-be: choosing your maternity jeans!

Mothers-to-be: choosing your maternity jeans!

Jeans are the fashion statement! The basic wardrobe staple and, without a doubt, the most worn item in the world. Whether you opt for a casual or dressy look, there is something for everyone. However, it is also the garment that quickly goes out of fashion, even in the first months of pregnancy. 

"So which jeans should I wear for my pregnancy?"


Big topic! Finding the right maternity jeans can be a daunting task: we're looking for the ones that best suit our tastes, while ensuring comfort and support. After all, we know that choosing the right jeans at the beginning of your pregnancy is important. In any case, this is one of the concerns of our faithful mothers.

After 3 years of research and development, we are proud to offer you the first high-waisted pregnancy jeans that will follow the evolution of your body and accompany you for many months and even after... More than a fashion asset, it is a real chameleon!


Slim fit, mom fit, wide leg or flare, our jeans range allows you to wear all your favourite looks. And, the great thing about high waist jeans is that you can still tuck your t-shirts, blouses and shirts into them.

Some of them are also available in a “Tall” version for people over 5'7".

The Chameleon system: a beautiful revolution


Dear mums, good news! Our maternity jeans have the so-called "Camelœn" system: the innovation that allows the jeans to adapt to your body during pregnancy and even after the birth! This is possible thanks to a belt integrated into the denim that adapts to your belly, allowing you to gain up to 24 cm in waist size. Ideal while your baby is growing inside you.

Thanks to this innovation, we have developed waistbands Belt that are compatible with all our jeans, to meet all the moments and needs of your pregnancy. With the integrated snaps, you can remove or add your belt as you wish and get back to wearing real jeans whenever you want.



And the little extra: for a trendy side, you can opt for a total denim look with the dungaree top that unites with your denim thanks to the snaps.

A real chameleon, these jeans 😉

An eco-friendly jean: it's possible!

Currently the second most polluting industry, textiles have a real negative impact on the environment. An iconic piece of our wardrobe for decades, Blue Jeans are usually subjected to a harmful production process.


With our range of maternity jeans, we wanted to offer you quality jeans that you feel good in and that will last you for years. We also wanted to add an environmental approach by offering you more responsible raw materials. So, for each of our jeans, we have opted for an environmentally friendly design by selecting eco-friendly raw materials such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, Tencel (an ecological fibre made from eucalyptus), or T400 elastane (the first eco-friendly elastane).

Our ecological approach also aims to limit water consumption during the production process. For example, 90% of the water used in the washing of our jeans is recycled. Our goal is to achieve 100% recycled water!