The 2021 back-to-work guide for mom-to-be

The 2021 back-to-work guide for mom-to-be

Only a few days left before the month of August comes to an end... (Do you also feel like summer went by very - too - fast?) The end of vacation means back to school! So we give you our best advice to prepare and motivate you for the start of the new year.

   The sailor you will choose

The striped jersey is a timeless essential in our wardrobes! Do you have an appointment? Are you running late? The weather is getting acting up? In collaboration with Armor Lux, a company from Quimper with exceptional know-how, we have created a collection of t-shirts and dresses in several colors. It will follow you throughout your pregnancy and even afterwards thanks to its organic cotton yarn certified GOTS. It brings suppleness and softness to make you feel good all day long. You can wear the tee-shirt with shorts or jeans, the dress with or without tights (pssst, we have a nice collection here), sneakers or heels. Workings mums, you will adopt it quickly!

A little exercise you will do

To decompress after the recovery, there is nothing better than a little session to relax. To help you, we created Woma, our range of sportswear for pregnancy and breastfeeding made in Portugal, created from recycled fibers. Choose the bra of your choice, the panty or the leggings according to your preference, and let's go for a pilates session! The Woma range is suitable for all sports, as for example @chloe_penderie who, after her pregnancy, uses the bra during her hikes in the mountains, or @candicegavalon who wears the bra and leggings during her weight training sessions during her pregnancy. Don't forget your water bottle to keep you well hydrated, a little snack (just in case) and above all... a friend for more fun!

Sleep/rest you will think about

A good quality of sleep, especially when you are pregnant, is very important to take strength and feel ready to attack the day! To fall asleep in a cocoon of softness, you can opt for the Milk line, made of bamboo viscose: the combishort, practical thanks to its integrated bra and its nursing clips (perfect for nighttime feedings) or the nightie, soft and feminine as you wish with its belt to tie to mark your mommy-to-be belly.

Beautiful you will feel

To start the year well or even just the day, we need to feel good in our clothes, to feel beautiful to be comfortable. We choose to put on our most beautiful outfit, the Origin pregnancy and nursing suit, made of soft Lyocell fibers 100% Made in France. The belt to be tied comes to mark your belly of future mom delicately and the beautiful neckline offers you an easy access to the breast. You can accessorize your outfit with a pretty pregnancy bola: golden, colored, with little feet, bubbles or rhinestones, choose the chain that goes with this pendant and you are ready to spend a day at the top!

   Organized you will be

So that September is not a chore, get organized. Tidy up (empty your holidays suitcase), sorting (in the dressing room and drawers), calendar with important dates and appointments... You'll feel good, so you can enjoy your week totally zen and without worries! And if it's difficult to get started, we suggest you put on some music, you'll be super motivated!

So, are you ready to go back to school?