Curve’s superpowers

After years of developing pretty lingerie for future and young moms, we know how much beginning breastfeed is a journey sown with pitfalls ... So we have chosen to do what we do best, enhancing and freeing cleavages! Tired of trying your pretty lingerie or waking up soaked in the middle of the night? Tired of surrendering to the ease of disposable pads (which are not always effective!).
Here they come: our washable breastfeeding pads Curve are born ... and they will bluff you.

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Super efficient

Ultra-absorbent, 100% anti-leakage, antibacterial & anti-odor

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Super invisible


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Super easy

Washed and dried in the washing machine & tumble dryer.

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Super zen

Breathable, dry in 8 minutes top chrono!

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Super clean

Oeko-Tex, durable and economic

Did you say revolutionary?

After two years of research and development, the Curve breastfeeding nursing pads concentrate both the best of technology and an exceptional French know-how. Thanks to their breathable 3D technology, the Curve breastfeeding nursing pads are ultra-efficient: their antibacterial and anti-odour surface quickly evacuates milk leaks and dries in 8 minutes, in contact with the skin, for a maximum comfort every day.

Their unique ergonomic shape naturally adapts to the curves of your breast and adapts to all shapes of breastfeeding bra for perfect invisibility under clothes. Finally, their discreet anti-slip system keeps them in place in your breastfeeding bra.
Because we declared war to the disposable pads, the Curve breastfeeding pads are washable, therefore sustainable and economic.

Curve breastfeeding nursing pads are labeled Oeko-Tex. This very demanding European label certifies and controls our manufacturing process to ensure a production without any chemical residue which can present a risk to the health of moms and the child in direct contact with their mother's skin.

Our great trophies!

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