Discover the history of the pregnancy bola

Pregnancy bolas are the fruit of a precious know-how and have their origins in Mexican and Indonesian cultures. Legend has it that they have the power to attract the protection of guardian angels to mothers and their unborn babies...

The bolas give a sweet melody through the tinkling of a mini xylophone, which your baby can hear from the 20th week of your pregnancy. Therefore, in some countries, the bola is called "elf sound".

Cache Coeur decides to break free from traditional codes to offer you a new collection of "tailor-made" bolas. Each of our bolas emits a sweet and unique melody perceived by babies as early as the 20th week of pregnancy.>

pregnant jewel woman
pregnant jewel woman

A handcrafted collection

Because we are committed to preserving our artisanal know-how, our bolas are all designed in a family and handcrafted jewelry store in Thailand, assembled by hand in a boutique in Brest

custom bolas
pregnant jewel woman

Personalise your pregnancy jewellery

With the desire to please all mothers-to-be, our maternity bolas are made with high quality materials (rhodium, 925 silver, brass, Swarovski crystals, etc.) so that your jewel lasts over time and keeps its shine. This is the reason why we have developed different collections of pregnancy bolas, to allow each woman to find the jewel that will be following her during and after her pregnancy. For a unique piece of jewelry, all our bolas can be accessorized with a chain: gold, silver, rose gold or black rhodium... The choice is yours!

More than a piece of jewelry, a bola is a wonderful gift to offer (or to offer yourself)!

When and how to wear his bola

To wear as a necklace, you can wear your pregnancy bala On a daily basis, at home, at work while going for a walk ... This nice jewel emits a light tinkle but no panic, it is so sweet that it will become headquartered or for you or your entourage! So do not bother you to wear it when you want it.
Small trick: Sit comfortably, warmly and rolling your pregnancy bola Gently on your belly. A little while for you and your baby who still do one. This sound that will become familiar as you ride it, will calm down and soothe your baby when you can finally take it in arms.

pregnant jewel woman
pregnant jewel woman

How to take care of his bola

To take care of your bola we first advise you to store it in a room without moisture. The bathroom is far too wet to keep your jewel, it might oxidize it quickly enough. In your room or on a jewelry display in your dressing room, your Bola will be wonderful!
To clean your Bola, you can use lukewarm water and a natural soap! Then wipe your bola perfectly and it will be well glossy.

Cache Coeur bolas

Our bolas are available in several shades, Pink gold , Silver, Gold, everal choices available for those who like to wear different shades and different patterns!
It is with silver that our bolas are made, this precious material is a promise of quality and refinement. One of our exceptional bolas, Sphere Chic maternity bola, is made of Swarowski crystals, a wonderful elegant and beautiful piece of jewelry.