Choosing your baby's name

Choosing your baby's name
Alba, Mia, Jade... Nathan, Leo or Adam... Our first name is the heart of our individuality, one of the characteristics that differentiate us from each other. A reflection of our personality, we wear it all our lives and it has a real impact on the way we are perceived by the world.

As parents, we are well aware of this, which is why finding the right name for our little one is not always easy.

We are all looking for THE name: THIS name that will show him all the love we have for him through this thoughtful choice. Classicoriginalatypical or timeless, the possibilities are numerous and choosing your child's name is an essential stage of your pregnancy. It is your freedom, it will reflect your tastes and the future you imagine for your baby. Some parents even opt for total originality by inventing their own name. However, be careful not to be too original, don't forget that his or her name will follow him or her all his or her life, so it's best to avoid puns that could become tricky to wear in the future. 😊

Sometimes a name is chosen for a particular meaning that you hold dear, a value to be promulgated, like : Clemence, which comes from the Latin "Clementia", and means "gentleness", "indulgence" or Lucas, from the Latin "Lux", meaning "light".

For some of you, your child's name is obvious from the beginning of the pregnancy, sometimes you have even had it in mind for years; and for others, it is chosen on the day of the birth by seeing your baby's little face. And then, sometimes, the happy parents finally change their minds at the last moment, and little Emma becomes Agathe.

The inspirations

Are you short of inspiration? Don't panic!

Today, there are many sources of inspirationNovels and films are among them, with characters of various names, just like the. After all, many people have been named after a fictional character or one of their parents' favourite actors. Isn't that Hermione 😉

Another source of inspiration, and not the least, is books and specialised works, such as L'Officiel des prénoms or Le guide des prénoms. They are real bibles, referencing many of them, while indicating precious information such as the origin of the name, the number of people bearing it in France, or the character associated with it. In fact, we strongly advise you to fall for one of these little marvels, which are real assets for future parents who are still undecided.

Calendars can also help you. Yes, let's not forget that every day of the year celebrates at least one name, which gives you more than 365 ideas 😉

Websites: a real mine of information, the internet is full of blog articles, forums, or sites that can guide you in your choice. Every year, you can find the rankings of the most popular first names in France. This can also inspire you, either because you fall in love with a name or because you don't want a name that is too common. Here are the top 5 of the 2022 First Names ranking :

Top girls surnames

1. Jade
2. Emma
3. Louise
4. Mia
5. Alice

 Top boys surnames

1. Léo
2. Gabriel
3. Raphaël
4. Arthur
5. Louis


“Hereditary" names: show your love for a loved one by naming your little one after them. Some 'classic' names are beautiful and timeless, but above all they are full of memories for you. Marie, Rose, Jeanne, Hervé or Louis, the name of your grandfather, your godmother or someone close to you takes on its full meaning when you give it to your child.

Moreover, in France, it is very common for a person's middle and/or third name to be chosen as a tribute to a loved one.

The difficulties of making your choice

Our loved ones

Firstly, don't let yourself be influenced in your choice of name. It's common for people in your circle of friends and family to have different tastes and not everyone will like the name you have chosen. And that's normal! All tastes and colours are in nature. On the other hand, you too may not like the name your sister will give her child. This should not affect YOUR choice, as you may regret it in the future, especially if the name in question was a favourite.

Of course, constructive comments can be taken into account. After all, those closest to you know you and they can always give you good advice.

Sounds and puns

It is important to test your child's future name, both written and spoken, and especially in conjunction with the family name he or she will bear. Sometimes there can be unpleasant surprises and puns can appear without being intended. 

In the end, the final choice of your child's name is based on your desires and tastes. Clear your head, imagine your little one in a few years' time, talking to him, comforting him, calling him. In your dreams, what name do you call your child? 😊

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