4 positions to breastfeed baby!

4 positions to breastfeed baby!


Manypositionsexist forbreastfeed baby, it goes from the position of the Madonna to that of the rugby ball. Not all breastfeeding positions will suit you and one of the keys to successful and painless breastfeeding islisten to you and your baby  


 1. Position of the lullaby or the "Madonna":

This is the most current breastfeeding. In this position you are seated in a comfortable seat that supports you. Your baby is completely turned towards you. Your forearm supports your child's body and their head is placed in the crook of your elbow.


 2. Lying on your side:

In this one you are both lying down sideways, facing each other. To keep baby glued to you, hold her with your hand or arm. This is the ideal position for night feeds.


 3. Position for nursing a rugby ball:

Placed baby like a "rugby ball", it is the wedged to the side along your hip. It is held on a nursing pillow at breast level and by your arm which will help it access your breast for facilitate breastfeeding.  


 4. BN position:

"Biological nuturing" is a natural position to breastfeed baby. This position is more commonly called the transat position. Its name comes from the position of the mother who is semi-tilted back, resembling the one she would have on a lounge chair. In this position, you are therefore semi-seated and your baby is placed facing you against your belly to breastfeed.


Here are some practical tips for breastfeeding your baby:

▪️ Support your breasts : A breastfeeding mother often feels that her breasts are heavier because they are filled with milk. So you can support the breast with your hand to help baby breastfeed.

▪️ Support your baby : Make sure baby is comfortable and safe to breastfeed.
With your hand or arm, hold their head in place. Depending on the position, use a nursing pillow or a pillow so that the baby is comfortably seated.


▪️ Baby position: always place your baby's head in slight rear extension, in this position he will have his mouth wide open to suck more easily and effectively.