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What is your story? My story with Jules starts at the end of July, a few days before our wedding...

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Exercisizing during pregnancy and while breastfeeding? It's possible! Who said pregnancy does mean no sport at all? During pregnancy, the...

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A top Valentine's Day with advice from the Cache Coeur team

Who said that theValentine's Daywas it out of date? We are far from wanting to convey this kind of idea, yet it is a fact:

The last time you looked forward to Valentine's Day was in elementary school when Rodrigo told you hisflame. Since then, you've found it a bit "has-been" (who still uses that expression?) Or even a bit silly.

InHeart Cache, we don't really agree, Valentine's Day islovers daybut it's also the day when we have a good reason to ask for pampering and to be offeredthe pretty maternity lingeriemade in Cache Coeur (We never have enough).

Valentine's Day 2021

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Christmas gift ideas for pregnant women


In this special year 2020, Cache Coeur offers you a selection of gifts to spoil future mothers more than ever. For a gift to a pregnant woman, we put on pieces dedicated to maternity especially if she is in the first months, so she can enjoy them throughout her pregnancy and even after.

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breastfeeding 2020

Like every year, the first week of August celebrates breastfeeding around the world.

Today, breastfeeding of infants under six months of age is reportedly only 40% globally.
To breastfeed or not to breastfeed, that is the question you ask yourself. And it’s not an easy choice. We will therefore try to give you some information to help you in your thinking.

Here we go for a quick overview of breastfeeding!

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click collect brest

To adapt to the situation, we participate in the making of textile masks, adopt new measures on a daily basis and put in place a new means of distribution!

It is in fact to cope with the constraints of this particular period that we have decided to set up the click - collect, a free and direct order withdrawal method at our head office.

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masks washable fabric category 1

After two months of confinement, it's time to take our first steps towards our new life! Economic activity has awakened and many of you have returned to work. And as we all know, even if this deconfinement begins a return to our previous life, let's enjoy it, it will still be with social distance and gestures barriers in everyday life!

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In fact, at this time of the epidemic, it is necessary to remember that thebreast milk is very effectiveforprotect your newborn from diseasesthat he might encounter from the antibodies you give him through breastfeeding.

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pregnancy tankini

Our creation team worked for 1 year to design our new bath collection. Audrey, Solène and Pauline who make up this team are committed to offering you products that are both trendy and adapted to the morphological evolution of your pregnancy.

Inspired by the “Floral Chic” trend, our new swimwear collection will take you on a journey this summer.

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christmas table

                     Are you celebrating the holidays this year and are you pregnant? It's not so easy to combine pregnancy and the end of the year celebrations. We help you celebrate Christmas and the New Year with serenity!

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pregnancy bola

The Pregnancy and breastfeeding are important moments in a woman's life. She may be tempted to prepare for the arrival of a baby or to care for a baby, even if she forgets to take care of herself. And no doubt the baby will be spoiled with various and varied gifts before he even points the tip of his nose. But she remains a woman above all, and the holidays are an opportunity or never to spoil her. Discover a nice selection of gifts to give to a mom or mom-to-be !

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The cold has arrived and you are looking to bundle up your tummy and create some pretty winter looks?

This article is made for you ! Discover the essential parts for pregnancy and our advice

to highlight your shapes

and keep baby warm!

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bola EVa gold

Indispensable during pregnancy and breastfeeding, pregnancy bolas are real symbolic jewels that accompany you throughout your experience. Building on its success at Cache Coeur, the bola collection welcomes newbies to match with your new seasonal looks!

New colors or new models, there is something for everyone!

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Originally from Lille, Coralie is the happy mother of 2 little angels: Mila-Rose & Marceau. Coralie shares with honesty, benevolence and happiness her daily life as a mother through her Instagram account followed by more than 35,000 subscribers! We had the pleasure of seeing her adopt Cache Coeur products during her pregnancy and then switch to Curve breast pads while breastfeeding. As an ambassador, Coralie happily agreed to tell us about breastfeeding and how it feels.

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With the arrival of cold and early diseases, it is obvious that you are beginning to wonder about the impact of seasonal diseases on breastfeeding. Stay zen, in many cases breastfeeding will instead be your ally to protect baby from your germs.

Baby gets sick, discover some tips to deal with the difficulties that may arise to breastfeed!

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Milk Line

Milk? This is the new pregnancy and breastfeeding line essential for moms and mothers-to-be! Discover his pieces, its atmosphere and its secrets in this article!

A new bestseller for sure!

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 Bra for breastfeeding

In this breastfeeding week, take the time to choose your nursing lingerie to fully enjoy this experience !

It is sometimes not easy to find yourself there Si If you want to know how to choose the room that will fit you and that will adapt perfectly to your needs ? This article is for you !

Discover our different nursing bras and opt for the one that suits you !

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IPregnancy notice It's important for the people around you. You'll remember that moment over the years. Let it be in the Future Dad or Future grandparents, excited and eager to announce to you Environmental Science It's all the same.

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To enjoy the start of the new year with comfort and femininity, Cache Coeur launches its two new maternity tights exceptional quality and trendy look!

Maternity tights

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Mother of 3, Jill is a 28 year old young woman. You know her and surely follow her through her crazy expeditions around the world with her companion and all his little family. They share their daily adventurous family for our greatest happiness.

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New school year

Summer is coming to an end. It's only a few days since you left school. We'll give you some advice on getting your children back to school as early as possible.

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You're in lactation. Do you have a lot of questions about going back to the office? You're not the only one... A lot Lactating women Worry about getting back to work and continuing to work breast-feeding.

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When should we prepare maternity suitcase? What do we need to put in there? We give you the tips for packing your maternity suitcase during your pregnancy and be serene on D-Day.

Print your checklist By Cache Coeur for the maternity suitcase and don't forget anything!

baby slipper

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Brassier pregnancy Agatha

Our collection Pregnant women and lactation underwear Welcome to new fashion and modern printing. Designed for Pregnancy and breastfeeding Discover and fall in love Agatha !

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