Combining sport and maternity: new practices thanks to Woma

Combining sport and maternity: new practices thanks to Woma

Exercisizing during pregnancy and while breastfeeding? It's possible!

Who said pregnancy does mean no sport at all? During pregnancy, the body undergoes radical changes which can create tension, discomfort, or even pain.

Gently practicing sport is a great way to help the body with this change in the body, as well as to prepare for childbirth.

It is for this reason that we decided to create Woma: a sports line adapted to the sports practice of expectant mothers.

Is it really possible to play sports and breastfeed? Of course! Our little tip: start your session as soon as you have finished breastfeeding! This will give you more time for yourself, and you will feel lighter during the effort. In addition, do not forget to hydrate yourself so you won’t risk any dehydration and not producing enough milk. Sport above all else will allow you to regain energy and will boost you after childbirth to face this new life!

A new sports line suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Our first Woma sports range adapts to the body changes during and after pregnancy! You won't need to take another size once your belly will have rounded, it is our panty or our sports leggings which adapt to the evolution of the belly. The technical material also allows it to be worn for postpartum practice.

The Woma maternity sports bra also has nursing clips! Super practical when you want to go back to yoga, meaning no decrease in motivation even when Arthur is hungry every half hour.

Since breastfeeding also means milk leaks: the Woma bra is spacer-lined, breathable, and antibacterial to prevent bad smells. Even after breastfeeding has come to an end, Woma has a long-life system, which allows clips to be substituted at the end of breastfeeding. The Woma bra is a durable bra that will follow you through your pregnancy while breastfeeding and even after.

Our Woma range has been specially designed so that you can free your mind and focus on what matters the most: yourself! 

Thanks to its wide multi-position straps, the support of the breast is assured, throughout your session. Woma limits the pain associated with bad posture. It's not that easy to play sports with a belly that takes up space ... with Woma you have the choice between two positions for support and comfort without compression.

In addition to the support, it is essential not to be hampered by badly placed seams. With its seamless technology, no discomfort will disturb you in your effort. The seamless technology makes it possible to target point by point the areas of support, ventilation, and transparency.

An eco-friendly pregnancy sports set

Woma was born from the desire to create a sports range for expectant mothers who care about the materials used for their sportswear and allow them to practice sports in a responsible way.

This collection is 100% Made in Europe. Made from Oeko-Tex certified Q-Nova recycled materials, Woma is a sports range that respects the planet, mothers, and their babies.

We have also made the choice to choose European partners to limit our ecological footprint.

Thus, our Woma range is thought out and created in France and is made in Portugal with recycled fibers Made in Italy.