Your absorbent lingerie dedicated to postpartum

In 2020, when the world was plagued by Covid's epidemic, we sadly attended a decline in the freedoms of women to dispose of their bodies and to live their maternity fully.

This is how a desire germinated in the head of Audrey, our designer. The desire to participate at its level in release the woman's body And constraints that she can meet in her life as a mom. Quite naturally, she turned to postpartum. The same time when having confidence in your body is essential.

The challenge ? Combine the comfort and femininity of cache heart and super absorbent curve powers, in order to combine softness and performance, all in an ethical and eco-responsible approach, values ​​dear to both brands.

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“Feel free every day and wherever you are”

What is postpartum?

Technically, it is the period between childbirth and the return of rules. Some professionals agree that it lasts even longer.

Physically, it is in particular Punctuated by Lochies. The body empties the endometrium, the blood wall that lined the uterus. The over-area perineum during pregnancy and childbirth can play bad tricks. If you are breastfeeding, the first weeks can also be synonymous with milk leaks, more or less abundant depending on women.

Psychologically, the arrival of a newcomer is a upheaval. A 100% dependent baby requests you H24 and sometimes it's hard. Sometimes your free fall hormones make you go through all kinds of emotions. That's it, the #postpartum.

what is postpartum
Postpartum panties

How it works ?

1 - Spacer draining

The micro-perforated spacer drains moisture quickly. In contact with your skin all day, the material is anti-bacterial and anti-inside

2 - Absorbing material

An ultra-absorbing multi-fiber heart. This material has a very significant absorption capacity. You are protected until 12 hours in a row without leak and without any unpleasant odor.

3 - Waterproof film

Completely waterproof, it avoids leaks even the most abundant! Thanks to this fabric, the blood and milk remain in the absorbing material of the panties, the bra and the bodyguard.

An innovative construction

Nursing pads already integrated in the bra

You just had to think about it! Unique, the Bodyguard bra and top Bodygard are the very first pieces with the Curve pads already integrated. With Bodyguard, we dress lightly. Say goodbye to the mental load, nothing more to think about when packing your bag.

A washable sanitary napkin sewn into the panties

< strong> Very discreet from the outside but ultra-efficient inside; that is the role of Bodyguard. The protection is ergonomic and the unmatched Curve technology keeps you dry without any discomfort. You might even forget it ... We bet?

Postpartum panties
Postpartum panties

REALLY effective absorption

 absorbent panties

Classic period panties absorb on average 20 ml,

Bodyguard = 120ml

When you are told 12h anti-leak protection, it trully is.

The Bodyguard line is specially designed to be worn all day by moms. (and we know it is a lot of sport!)

The 3 essentials

absorbent brass

The ultra absorbent bra

The bodyguard bra has been specially designed to make your first days of Milky Adventure easier with baby. We know how much the desire to suckle does not wait. With clips, clips and declips easily. Baby sucks a breast and the second flows? No problem ! The bra is perfectly equipped to defy leaks, even abundant. Our integrated pads are for you the guarantee of a dry day!

Ultra absorbent carico

Because in postpartum, we are sometimes lazy to dress, Cache Coeur has thought of everything. With the Caraco Bodyguard, finished the feeds with the belly in the air. The bra is directly integrated into an ultra comfortable top. We do not forget the clips and Breastfeeding pads Integrated and you are (almost) dressed to face your day!

Absorbing monthly panties

The menstrual panties adapted to postpartum

Bodyguard panties are fully appropriate in postpartum. Wear it all day or overnight, no guaranteed leak! No more fillet panties and uncomfortable fillings. Opt for the panties is to choose a sustainable and ecological protection solution. Perfect for postpartum, infallible for your period.

These details that make the difference

tencel soft and supple material

A soft and supple material

An underwear suitable for postpartum or breastfeeding must be ultra comfortable. We have chosen Tencel, an ecological, durable and ultra soft material. The ribbed knit adapts perfectly to fluctuations in the bust and follows your movements day and night. Once worn, it can be forgotten!

elastic large

A wide rubber band

Because the body was greatly strained during childbirth (vaginal or cesarean section), we chose flexible and soft elastics. Made from recycled fibers, they provide very good support and prevent leaks without marking the skin.

shapely panties

A slightly shapely PANTIES

The high waist of the panties Bodyguard reassures thanks to its support and a shaping effect. As your center of gravity has just changed, the panties move up onto your stomach and in the back to ease your postpartum balance.

An ecological and sustainable solution

No towels, no pads, no hassles!

On average, a woman uses 10,000 sanitary napkins in her lifetime . To this, we add the nearly 3000 disposable pads if she is breastfeeding for about 6 months . If in addition, we count the return trips to the store, the mental burden and above all, all these non-recyclable components that end up directly in the trash, the impact on the environment is significant! Adopting Bodyguard is a first step towards zero waste .

Tencel made in Italy

In addition to being ultra soft and hypoallergenic, Tencel is ecological, sustainable and biodegradable . Derived from eucalyptus wood pulp, its manufacturing process is virtuous, non-toxic and without rejection in nature thanks to a closed circuit and more than 99% recycled.

A range certified Oeko-Tex standard 100

Like all Cache Coeur and Curve products, the Bodyguard collection is Oeko-tex standard 100 certified. This certification meets the strictest specifications on the market for toxic substances. It guarantees the absence of harmful substances .

Bodyguard postpartum

How to take care of your Bodyguard?



For the panties

Rinse the panties abundantly under cold water until it is clear.

For the bra and the CARECO

Nothing could be simpler, pass directly the bra or machine to the machine.



Wash your Bodyguard at 40 ° without softener with your clothes and once a month at 60 ° C with baby's bodysuits!


trumble dry

Preferably tumble dry your Bodyguard (rather handy when you are young parents!)

A question ?

Discover our Q&A


The Bodyguard bra sizes normally, do not hesitate to take a look at our size guide , or to contact us via the chat for support .


The panty is high waist and the elastic is ultra comfortable. The Bodyguard panty has been designed for all women, whether they are giving birth high or low.


Yes, the Bodyguard line can be worn at night, because each item absorbs up to 12 hours, so you can sleep safely.


We advise you to wash all products as soon as you receive it, but the absorbency is already active without washing.


Most store-bought detergents will good. Be careful with homemade detergents if they are very concentrated in fatty agents (Marseille soap, black soap, Aleppo soap, essential oils, etc.) as this can saturate the absorbent material.


Yes, it is quite possible to wash the Bodyguard line with your usual laundry. Rinse your panties thoroughly with cold water before running a machine, there will be no risk of staining your clothes.


Yes, you can, unless there is a medical contraindication. The absorbent area is pink unlike other period panties on the market. The pink color allows you to better see the color and appearance of the blood and thus better analyze your lochia, blood loss.


It all depends on the abundance of the flow. We recommend that you change your panties every 8 to 12 hours.


The ideal is to have at least 2 or 3 Postpartum panties so that you can be quiet for the Day / Night shift!

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