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When you start breastfeeding, milk leaks can be frequent...or not ! Every woman is different ! For some it will be systematic for others it will be very episodic. Breasts simply leak because they are filled with milk, often between spaced feedings. It also happens that leaks happen when hearing a child crying, which is a natural reflex (but sometimes surprising let's face it!)..

To help you see clearly and equip you to be serene from maternity, Curve exists in 3 formats :

Breastfeeding cushions Curve Slim

Slim - 6 hours

For small leaks or changes during the day

Breast pads Curve day

Day -9 hours

Dry and quiet for the day !

Breastfeeding cushions night night

Night - 12 hours

For a peaceful rest

When should I start wearing them?

We advise you to slip into your maternity suitcase a pair of Curve nursing pads, because after birth the rise of milk is coming quickly.
Depending on the reality of your feeds, you will be able to adjust your quantity of pads as you breastfeed.
We advise you to get our starter kit, to start at the top!

How often should I change them?

Unlike other market nursing pads, Curve offers safe protection for several hours. The ideal is to have at least two pairs of breastfeeding pads to wait quietly and freely!

How to wash Curve breastfeeding pads?

For hygiene reasons and in order to develop their absorbent power, wash your Curve breastfeeding pads in your washing machine before the first use.
We advise you to wash your breastfeeding pads at 40 ° C in washing machine, preferably in a washing net. For optimal hygiene, we invite you to wash your breastfeeding pads once a week at 60 ° C.
Warning: softeners and softeners are discouraged.

From when my milk leaks will decrease?

In four to six weeks, your milk leaks will stabilize. Your production will adapt to your baby's pace but again, every mom is unique, and leaks can happen throughout your breastfeeding. For this, Slim will be your best friend!

Breastfeeding cushions day day