A solution that makes sense


An effective solution that allows you to consume less

With disposable pads, you need to count 2 pads per day , or about 60 disposable pads per month. According to our great calculations, on average, count 50€ disposable pads per month.

With a turnover of 5 Curve washable nursing pads per month, in 1 month and a half, you have them profitable! (2 day pads, 2 night and one slim)

So yes, it’s an investment at the beginning, but we guarantee that it becomes very fast profitable !

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An ecological solution

The savings are good, but if it's green it's better, The planet does not need to throw as much! We are keen to avoid The ecological impact due to breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a natural act, in a way ecological, so it is logical to commit us!


Curve breastfeeding pads are labeled Oeko-tex. Your health and baby's health are essential for us. This very demanding European label certifies and controls our manufacturing process to guarantee production without any chemical residue.

The Curve team reveals itself to you

We don't want to normalize breastfeeding. We want the Trivialize : Wearing the breast and nourishing your child is an act of the most beautiful and courageous. Like giving life, breastfeeding contributes to growing this life.

Curve confirms you in this idea.


Your absorbent lingerie dedicated to postpartum

We have developed bodyguard specially to accompany women the day after the delivery, When regaining confidence is essential. Bodyguard is the perfect fusion between the know -how of a well thought out lingerie by Cache Coeur and the infallible absorption of Curve.

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Postpartum panties