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A sailor made in France

In 2019 we imagined maternity t-shirts and future mothers dresses that adapt to the evolution of the body of pregnant women. In 2021, nursing sailors and baby joined the collection.

Timeless casual pieces, adjusted cuts that highlight the nascent curves and adapt throughout the pregnancy and even long after.

Our technology? A naturally flexible organic cotton mesh that follows the forms of future mothers without deforming.

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Top Pregnancy Sailor Brest


Crack for Confetti's big peas, a pregnancy tight that's as comfortable as it's trendy.
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Antigua pregnancy swimsuit
black pregnancy tights

Activ' Pregnancy Tights

The tights in the Activ' range have been in order to guarantee pregnant women aesthetic tights that are comfortable. Designed in microfiber and Lycra, they slightly compress the ankles to improve blood circulation. Ideal for a comfortable pregnancy!
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The ribbed pattern of the Léna pregnancy tights gives it a trendy look that will decorate all your outfits in style!
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