Baby Signs Workshops: early and fulfilling communication

Baby Signs Workshops: early and fulfilling communication

In the wonderful world of parenthood, every parent longs for a deep connection with their baby . Smiles, hugs and babbling are all valuable means of communication. What if you could go even further in mutual understanding , long before your little one says their first word? This is where Baby Sign Workshops come in, offering a fascinating gateway into the world of early communication.

What are Baby Signs?

Baby Signs , or gestural communication with babies , is a method that allows infants to express their needs, wants and emotions before they can even speak. Inspired by sign language , this practice consists of the use of simple gestures associated with key words. Babies learn to mimic these gestures, allowing them to communicate effectively with their parents long before they are able to form words with their mouths.


The Advantages of Baby Signs Workshops

  • Strengthen the Parent-Baby bond: Baby Signs workshops offer a valuable opportunity to strengthen the bond between parents and their child . By understanding their baby's needs from an early age, parents feel more connected and confident.
  • Reduce frustration: Imagine being able to understand why your baby is crying or why he is frustrated. Baby Signs allow toddlers to communicate their basic needs such as hunger, thirst, tiredness or even the need to change their diaper, reducing the crying and screaming often associated with the frustration of not being understood .
  • Stimulate language development: Exposing babies to signs associated with words from an early age promotes early language development. Babies who use signs often tend to speak earlier and have larger vocabularies than their peers who don't use this method.
  • Encourage autonomy: When babies can communicate their needs effectively, they develop a sense of autonomy and self-confidence from an early age. This can result in greater independence and a better ability to express themselves as they grow.


Participate in a Baby Signs Workshop

Participating in a Baby Signs Workshop is an enriching experience for parents and their little ones. They offer much more than simple gestures. They open the door to early and fulfilling communication between parents and their baby , thus strengthening the family bond and promoting the overall development of the child.

In March, we organized a Baby Signs workshop in our Brest store (Brittany, France), led by Caroline Hamon from Fée moi grandir.  An interactive and fun session, providing a valuable opportunity for babies and their parents to connect and learn together .

We regularly organise discovery workshops, so don't hesitate to let us know what subjects you'd like to talk about.