Can mothers breastfeed when they're sick?

Can mothers breastfeed when they're sick?

With the arrival of the cold and the first diseases, it is obvious that you are starting to ask yourself a few questions about the impact of seasonal diseases on breastfeeding. Stay Zen, in many cases Breastfeeding will on the contrary be your ally to protect baby from your microbes. In the rarest cases, your doctor will be there to support you and make the best decisions to help you cure!

Baby falls ill, Discover some tips to deal with the difficulties that may appear to breastfeed!

Sick mom, our advice

Breastfeeding benefits in the face of the disease

You fell ill during breastfeeding and You are afraid for baby ? No worries, stay Zen!

Disease and fear of contaminating your child is often a source of concern for mothers. Gold Breastfeeding when you are sick offers a lot of advantage for you and for your baby!

Flu, angina, colds, gastroenteritis or even bronchitis are diseases that can be easily attracted and which are rather common. For these pathologies, breastfeeding will allow baby to be protected against microbes. How ? Your body will simply antibody To fight against viruses. These antibodies will then be transmitted directly to the baby during breastfeeding, thus protecting your child even before he was exposed to the virus!

In some cases, you just have to Avoid dehydration which could cause a drop in quantity of milk.

Thanks to breastfeeding, the baby's body will recover more easily and quickly from a disease throughout its life!

In some cases, your state of fatigue or pain will push you to stop breastfeeding. It should not be forgotten that the net stop of breastfeeding could put baby in distress because he would then lose this mark acquired from birth! On your side, continuing breastfeeding will rule out the possibilities of engorgement or breast infection, and, ultimately, additional discomfort.

Precaution to take to continue breastfeeding and not contaminate baby

Even if baby is protected from your microbes via your milk, it is still necessary to take precautions until healing. Respect the basic hygiene rules as soon as you touch or carry a baby: wash your hands regularly and reduce your saliva contact with it. Remember to cough or sneeze away from baby and in a handkerchief preferably.

Regarding your condition, to allow your body to stay in good shape to breastfeed, consider drinking and feeding yourself enough and regularly. The rest of the time, rest with baby and do not hesitate to ask for help if the situation becomes difficult!

Drug taking: Talk to your doctor first

In case of high pains, the idea of ​​taking medication necessarily comes to mind. Carefree, Some drugs are compatible with breastfeeding And your doctor will help you make the right choice.

Depending on the situation of each, compatible drugs may vary, for your health therefore do not take any medication without the advice of your specialist!

In many cases, paracetamol or ibuprofens are compatible with breastfeeding, it is only necessary Check the dosages with your doctor. It is important not to self-assign yourself, especially if you are not sure of the effects that this or that molecule could have on your body or that of your child.

In what cases should we stop breastfeeding?

Unfortunately, in some cases, you will be forced to stop breastfeeding. Before making a final decision, turn to your doctor!

For some symptoms, breastfeeding should only be interrupted for a few days.

Chickenpox, HIV, chemotherapy or urinary tract infections are baby's dangerous diseases, which most often requires not pursuing breastfeeding.

If you should stop breastfeeding for hospitalization or for long treatment, it is possible to pull your milk beforehand and freeze it to feed baby over this period. If you can, continue to feed baby in the hospital, even if it may happen that this decision is difficult to make nursing staff accept. After an operation and an anesthesia, you can resume breastfeeding!

Sick baby, our advice

Can we breastfeed baby if he is sick?

Breastfeeding/illness can also arise in the event that baby is sick. And the answer would be the same as for mom. If your child is sick, breastfeeding is even highly recommended because, as mentioned above, Breast milk allows baby to be better immune to microbes and will allow him to recover easier and quickly. In addition, it will not be destabilized by the sudden loss of mark that would constitute a brutal interruption of breastfeeding.

The composition of your milk contains antibodies that will help your child's organism fight infection and help him heal quickly. In addition, your milk will produce even more antibodies in the face of your baby's disease. Your milk is her medication!

If baby can't breastfeed?

Who says sickness in baby, says fatigue and weakness. In some cases, baby will have no energy and/or will not want to suck. To avoid dehydration, You can get help by a lactation advisor or a competent doctor in breastfeeding to obtain the solutions adapted to the baby situation!