Public nursing: a sensitive topic

Public nursing: a sensitive topic

Challenges women are facing about Public breastfeeding Stop them from breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is good for both mothers and children. It allows children A good meal For his health, Prevention of disease risk Like allergies or microbes. It also allows your uterus to return to its original position faster, thanks to contractions caused by breastfeeding. Finally, it reduces the risk of cancer and osteoporosis.

History of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has been there for hundreds of years, when every good mother had to breastfed. However, in the 1960s, breastfeeding had become a misunderstanding of women's Liberation and modernity. In the 1970s, the benefit of breastfeeding was that baby meals were more natural, which made breastfeeding a symbol of joy and nature. Despite the positive impact, some women decided not to breastfed, rather than openly discussing breastfeeding.

What about France?

about Average lactation time In France, she comes from 17 weeks (nutrition plus other drinks) and 7 weeks (breast milk only). And 26 weeks (breast milk only) world health organization.

There are three reasons for the short time of breastfeeding:

-First, the feminism of the past, women at home are seen as demeaning

-Moreover, in France, we are working to achieve full equality between men and women, which means that we have more women working than other countries

-Many women resume their activities after childbirth, reducing breastfeeding time, as they have to breastfed in public places

About public breastfeeding, This is not prohibited by law-Yes. In fact, we haveProhibited exposureBut it doesn't include breastfeeding, because it's not sexual, it's about it Simple motherhood.

France Working in the nursing area of public places But we should also tell you that we are behind in comparison with Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, which have already built these spaces in many public places.

Finally, France has enacted a law that allows mothers One hour a day breastfeeding at work Until the child is one year old.

Then, in the More than 100 employeesSpace should be provided for breastfeeding.



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