Our tips for well-being & relaxation during pregnancy

The benefits of seawater.

Sea water, rich in trace elements and minerals, is a true concentrate of benefits: it revitalizes, soothes and beautifies the skin! We offer several ways to discover its virtues:

  • The cheapest and easiest solution is to go straight to the beach and bathe in sea water! A swim that lasts about 15 minutes allows your skin to absorb the beneficial elements of seawater. Remember to protect yourself from the sun. You can discover the line of pregnancy swimwear Cache Coeur with a minimum protection factor of 50+.
  • The future mother thalassotherapy cure is offered between the 3th and the 7th month of pregnancy. The seawater is heated, which allows the skin to absorb the constituents of seawater faster and better. You can relax thanks, for example, to affusion massages, relaxation massages, to scrubs for sensitive skin or even face treatments. Thalassotherapy allows pregnant women and babies to enjoy incomparable moments of well-being. The thalassotherapy treatment is ideal for relieving stress during pregnancy. This is an opportunity for the mother-to-be to rebalance the harmony between mind and body. It is advisable to choose a pregnancy swimsuit comfortable. The swimsuit for pregnant women Yana dries quickly thanks to its "Dry fast" technology. In addition, with a crossed back and an integrated bra, it is ideal for swimming!
  • Finally, you can bring the sea to your home thanks to the seawater care lines! For example, by opting for creams, serums or even gels!

Another tip to stay in shape and zen during pregnancy: yoga for a pregnancy on the move!

Yoga will make you work on all of your aspects, the physical, the spiritual and the emotional. It is a physical, bodily and respiratory practice that is suitable for expectant mothers. You can rejuvenate, relax and have physical activity while relaxing through yoga. It will allow pregnant women to stay in shape throughout pregnancy. It soothes tension and ensures better coordination of body functions for its well-being.

To be comfortable, choose comfortable clothes. Cache Coeur offers a line of seamless lingerie, Illusion ideal for yoga practice. It is composed of a maternity bra, of a high panties, of a pregnancy shorty, of a posture belt and a pregnant woman leggings. Its softness and its second skin effect offer a real feeling of well-being.


Be comfortable in ... your lingerie!

Your body will evolve throughout the pregnancy. You will take one or even two cup sizes. For this reason, Cache Coeur offers stretch cups that allow you to take a size during pregnancy. Our staples with four adjustment positions allow you to take a size around the back and therefore maintain the balance necessary for good support. Our frames have a more open curvature which provides flexible support.

Let yourself be tempted by the softness of our lines.

For the spring / summer season, Cache Coeur unveils Aquarelle, its floral line with soft and delicate patterns.


Eat healthy

Summer is the right season to develop good eating habits. The sun awakens the senses, we vary our diet more easily. Bring color to your dishes with fruits and vegetables bursting with vitamins. Remember to stay hydrated.