Bain Collection 2015

Bain Collection 2015

The Bath Collection of Cache Coeur, composed of 9 different lines, will appeal to pregnant women with its wide choice of cuts, shapes and colors that are perfectly suited to pregnancy. Of one-piece swimsuit for pregnant woman The Pregnancy tankini, from the timeless jersey to the trendiest, you are guaranteed to find the one that will make you beautiful at the beach as at the pool while remaining protected, because the materials of our swimsuits are all anti-UV guarantees !

Tankini pregnant woman

Go for the two new punchy colours, Jade and Rose Shocking, from the Bora Bora swimwear line! Sold separately and in 3 different colours, moms-to-be will enjoy being unique this summer by combining the ups and downs with infinity!

Bora Bora Jade Maternity Bikini

On the side of timeless and timeless jerseys, there arepregnancy swimsuits that will appeal to mothers-to-be. In one-piece jersey Yes in pregnancy tankini, they will enhance your silhouette of a pregnant woman on the most beautiful beaches. Be beautiful and sophisticated this summer with these timeless pregnancy swimsuits with delicate and chic details!