How to announce pregnancy to the people around you?

How to announce pregnancy to the people around you?

Pregnancy notice It's important for the people around you. You'll remember that moment over the years. Let it be in the Future Dad or Future grandparents, excited and eager to announce to you Environmental Science It's all the same.

There are many ways to announce it The arrival of the baby At home. We have a list Pregnancy advertisement The most original, let us laugh or moved!


Announce pregnancy to future father

The second person knows You're pregnant Usually the father of the future. At this special moment, when you announce the arrival of a new baby to your partner, it is often full of emotion and happiness. That's why more and more women are seeking help Original advertisementMake their spouses even more surprised by the good news.

Here are some of the innovations announced to future Dads:

Is the future father greedy?

Tell her about the surprise. What could be better than... Kinder's surprise? You can give your spouse a personalized surprise with a tip. Put a pacifier, mini shoes or a little sweet talk there, and you can choose a surprise for her to guess. The arrival of the baby. Be sure to repack kinder like a new one and give it to dad when it's quiet.

If he doesn't like chocolate, take him to a restaurant. First, tell the restaurant staff what you want to advertise for your spouse. Buy yourself a baby jar and quietly hand it to the restaurant staff when you arrive, so that the waiter can give it to the future father instead of his order.

You can also add a little phrase to his plate: Find this surprise in the video

Announce at home

Enjoy your spouse's bath time Announce happy activities It's in your bathroom mirror. If he's stuck, write a beautiful word to tell him the news. Otherwise, write a few sentences with your lipstick. Surprise guarantee!

Write a beautiful message at the bottom of the plate! Give her a piece of her favorite cake on the pretext that you are in a good mood. As soon as your partner finishes the cake, he will find the good news. This strategy also applies to a cup of tea or coffee!

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Announcing pregnancy to future grandparents

The future father knows the arrival of the child, now he must tell the future grandparents! Whether he's your first child or not, The news will please your parents.-Yes. You can also be there, like your spouse, to tell them the news in an original way.

Do you like to send scratch tickets to your family? Why don't you give them a fake scratch ticket or a fake scratch card? There's a good message to find! Found in video 

Is your family eating? Now is the time To slide into a map, photo album or slide of a vacation photo, the ultrasound photo will show a beautiful message telling them the date of delivery!

If you already have a child and you want to know the arrival of the second child, you can give your elder a sweater with the new words "I want to be a sister / brother" or "better brother / sister".

There are many ways to tell your spouse or future grandparents that you are pregnant. Share your experience with us. How did you announce it? What's their reaction?