Not enough milk? Our tips to promote your lactation during breastfeeding.

Not enough milk? Our tips to promote your lactation during breastfeeding.

Women are different in all areas, this is also the case to breastfeeding. Indeed, some mothers make more breast milk than others. These have more breast glands and greater storage capacity, which is why they produce a larger amount of milk.

The lack of milk is not inevitable, however! There are methods for stimulate lactation And make more milk to feed baby.


1. Food

Food is often the solution to our problems. It is also to deal with lack of milk. There are plants that are said to be "galactogenic", they have the effect of promote manufacturing breast milk. (Dill, fennel, cumin, green anise ...)

You can consume them in different ways:

1. In a herbal tea

2. In your dishes to flavor them

3. In food supplement

It is also recommended to drink regularly, at least 2 liters per day.


2. Contact with your baby

During feeding, the breast is stimulated which causes lactaline peaks. This is why, it is recommended to suck up In order to promote lactation and milk production.

Moreover, Skin skin contact promotes milk creation. Indeed, the simple fact of feeling baby against your skin promotes the secretion of hormones!


3. Massages

You can also massage your chest, it stimulates lactation. Make circular movements on all the surface of your breasts. When you have finished doing this movement on each breast, gently turn your nipples with your index and your growth. This action will have the effect of freeing hormones and to encourage lactation.


4. Positive thought

When you are breastfeeding, do it in a comfortable and reassuring environment! Do not think negatively with certain ideas which could come to slow down the manufacture of breast milk: "I would not succeed" "my baby lacks milk" ...

Stay Positive! Do not think of all your daily hassles. LOrsque you are breastfeeding baby, live this moment with him. This is one of your privileged moments, positive thoughts will encourage the manufacture of milk.