Delicious unveils its new spring colours

Delicious unveils its new spring colours

Combined with spring and the plant world, the Green Water colour brings a wave of freshness and sweetness to the Delicious line of a pregnancy pajamas and a pregnant woman's nuissette. It is therefore proving to be perfectly suited to the maternity and breastfeeding.

 Delicious Breastfeeding Pregnancy Nuisette

For an even more feminine touch, Delicious is covered with a grenadine pink - a dynamic, seductive color punctuated by a touch of feminine delicacy. The pregnant women will see life in pink and soft!

 Pyjamas Delicious Grenadine

In summer and winter, Delicious is a comfort and soft line, to wear both during the day for your moments of relaxation, as well as at night.  The cuts of the nightie and pajamas make Delicious a perfect line for pregnancy, and its easy access to the breast also makes it ideal for breastfeeding.

 Nuisette Grenadine

In nightgowns or pajamas, Delicious is an indispensable line for any mother-to-be - at home and motherhood. Feel for its softness, its comfort and especially for its ultra-feminine colors and full of freshness!