Discover behind the scenes of our 2017 swimwear collection!

Discover behind the scenes of our 2017 swimwear collection!

Yvette was chosen to be the new face of Cache Coeur lingerie. Discover our sparkling model, her universe and the backdrop of the photoshoots!

Hello Yvette, can you briefly introduce yourself?

Young Dutch mother, friendly, sociable, helpful, always cheerful and I love to smile. I am always positive and professional during shoots, I like working as a team and having good results together. I have long legs, and, oh I love pizza and pasta!

You are the new face of the new lingerie and swimwear lines, what do you think?

It's really special because my little baby was in my womb, we did the job together! He was and still is lovely to me. It was an amazing experience and they are amazing memories for me. I am happy with the result and the catalog is successful. I hope my son will be proud.

What was your favorite piece and why?

The pregnancy swimsuit Cosmos is a beautiful jersey. It is comfortable and I felt sexy in it. I also like the jersey Sydney with its lace back and closure at the neckline. But all the swimsuits are very comfortable and soft.

What is your best memory during the Cache Coeur shoot?

The pizzas for lunch… (laughs)

I love to travel and had never been to Croatia before this shoot, so I can add this destination to my list of trips taken. The island of Brac was very beautiful and we were very lucky with the good weather on a very large boat.

And the team was very nice and professional, we had a lot of fun!

How did you plan for the arrival of your baby?

My baby has two great grandmothers, they both take care of him two days a week and my husband looks after him for a day. I'm glad my baby didn't have to go to daycare at her age. In my opinion, this is best for a baby.

 How are you managing your new life as a mom and an active woman?

I still enjoy working after 3 months with my baby Barron. After three months, I was ready to do shoots again. I was happy to fit into my clothes again.

I work in an office and I am a model. I like to have a varied life. It's important to have your world before you are a mom. I've always wanted to keep working, being a stay-at-home mom isn't for me. I created a blog to share my new life as a mom: I share tips on my life as a mom.

And my little family and I are represented by the agency that allowed me to be a model for Cache Coeur

I am very proud of my family. We had several options for interesting jobs and luckily we can do a great job together in the future as my baby is very photogenic, but of course all moms will say the same about their baby. He is also very attentive to the camera. I think it's because we've been taking pictures of him since he was born. His eyes follow the camera constantly and when he sees the camera he looks up his brown eyes and starts to smile! He is a very happy baby.

What advice can you give to other pregnant women?

Being a mother is the best feeling in the world. Our life changes completely. We can't imagine it without being. My life has changed and I too am stronger, more confident, everything has changed.

The little things are suddenly very important and the big things become less important. Appreciate the moments of life.

Love and appreciate your pregnant belly because afterwards you will miss the sensations and the little kicks. His "little kicks" were more "big kicks" and was wonderful to me, the connection is powerful. He was very restless inside my stomach, I think he was playing football "haha". Appreciate your pregnancy because it is a miracle of mother nature, being thankful if you can be pregnant and having a child realizes that time flies and always follow your "mom's hunch".