International Women's Day 2016

International Women's Day 2016

Celebrated for the first time in the United States in 1909, the International Women's Day, is now celebrated worldwide!
The opportunity to claim equality but also simply celebrate women! The opportunity, too, to celebrate this new generation of women who assume their desires and desires, their femininity ... but also their maternity!
It is for all these women, future or young mothers, that Cache Coeur proudly displays its desire to modernize maternity and breastfeeding lingerie. Several elegant and refined fine lingerie lines that do not sacrifice anything in technicality.


Today, women have a different look at themselves and are much more listening to them. Benefiting from many rights that they did not have before, they are now much more free than before.


Heart cache party Women's day in his way. On the occasion of this day, Cache Coeur is organizing an internal competition.
On March 8, the women who make up the Cache Coeur team will come with their most original shoes. The most submissive wins a nice bouquet of flowers!


Heart cache releases the body of women with its 3D Light line!

This revolutionary line of maternity and breastfeeding lingerie is made of light and breathable microfibers. Without seamless, the line of 3D Light maternity lingerie galbed your pretty forms of future mother for a resplendent silhouette and optimal comfort!
Its neutral colors and its second skin effect make it a line of invisible and essential pregnancy lingerie for the daily life of pregnant women.
Discreet and technical, the 3D Light maternity lingerie line stands out as a basic of any future mother's wardrobe!

With its innovative material knitted in 3 dimensions, the 3D light pregnancy and breastfeeding bra is without reinforcement and seamless. It offers pregnant women impeccable support and maximum comfort during pregnancy.

Her rhinestone jewel adds a touch of glamor to this resolutely trendy breastfeeding bra.