World Breastfeeding Day


For this World Breastfeeding Day, Cache Coeur presents these lines which are suitable for breastfeeding.

For the day, opt for breastfeeding support that adapts to your style and your desires:

Perfect for spring and summer, Diamond will be invisible under your clothes! This Breastfeeding bra with reinforcements will adapt to your summer outfits. The magnetic clip facilitates access to the breast and facilitates thefeeding with milk.


Also discover our essential line, Lisa. Of a romantic style, decorated with glamorous details with a delicate lace, let yourself be seduced by the breastfeeding Lisa, available in khaki, black, pearl and old pink. The magnetic clip is perfect for thefeeding with milk Thanks to its easy opening and closing.


For a real feeling of well-being and comfort during your breastfeeding, treat yourself to the line of seamless lingerie Illusion.


For the night Cache Coeur made the breastfeeding pajamas Perfectly adapted to this period of your life:

Do you want sweetness and refinement during breastfeeding? Opt for the breastfeeding pajamas Sofia, ideal for thefeeding with milk Thanks to its opening on the sides.


To continue in softness, Cache Coeur offers the line Serenity, adapted to thebreastfeedingt. Its Italian lace back will seduce you.