Khali: the new line of seduction nursing and maternity lingerie!

Khali: the new line of seduction nursing and maternity lingerie!

Cache Coeur makes you travel with the new refined and attractive khali line, inspired by the refinement of Persian luxurious fabrics. The materials used are soft and stretch, guaranteed without harmful products to infinitely respect the skin of Future mothers.


Breastfeeding and pregnancy lingerie available in two midnight blue colors and honey.

Khali pregnancy and breastfeeding bra:

The push up effect of thisBreastfeeding bra with reinforcements will highlight the curve of your chest. The technicality of this breastfeeding will facilitate your daily pregnancy and breastfeeding. The 4 positions of the staples make it possible to take a tower size during pregnancy and the expectant mother can take a hat depth thanks to stretch materials. With clips offeeding with milk Magnetic, it provides easy opening and closing. Its cups are lined with microfiber for "wet" areas which ensures fast and cotton drying on "friction zones" in order to offer you maximum comfort. Flexible reinforcements with more open curvature offer real comfort.


The pregnancy shorty and the high khali panties:

The shape of pregnancy shorty Galbe nicely your buttocks thanks to its gathers at the back. Discreet, it is invisible under the clothes which perfectly highlights your curve of pregnant woman. The high pregnancy pants is trendy again. It combines comfort and aesthetics. Its honey and gold lace and the small flower bring refinement to these pieces.

We like modern tulle and lace contrasts with a golden touch that gives a sophisticated style. The little flower adds a touch of elegance to this set of Pregnancy lingerie.


The Khali breastfeeding and maternity homewear line:

Khali is also available in a homewear line, it will allow you to cocoon thanks to the comfort of bamboo viscose for moments filled with sweetness. This line will charm you with the intensity of midnight blue. Let yourself be seduced by the different parts.

Khali breastfeeding pajamas:

Khali pajamas is made up of a pregnancy tunic and a maternity leggings. The V -shaping of the pregnancy tunic will enhance your breast of pregnant woman. The lace and the golden touch offer him an elegant and attractive style. THE maternity leggings is perfect for comfortable during your moments of relaxation. The small gathers in the bottom give it a refined side. The pregnancy tunic Motherland legging will be perfect, your moments relax.


Khali breastfeeding and pregnancy nightie:

Our sublime Pregnancy and breastfeeding nightie Allie chic and sensuality. It will enhance your curves from pregnant women. The lace and the golden, fine and elegant touch allows you to express your sensuality. We appreciate the double spaghetti satin suspenders with clips that allow easy access to breastfeeding. Bamboo viscose will be ideal for your sweet nights.

The Khali interior jacket:

Treat yourself with the Khali interior jacket! We love her 3/4 sleeves that gives him a crazy charm! In addition, it will keep you warm during your days and relaxation evenings while remaining elegant! This interior jacket open to the front will cover the length of the nightie. It can close thanks to the belt.

There Line of pregnancy and breastfeeding lingerie and the Homewear Khali selection Déploys elegance and sensuality thanks to color games and the superposition of materials. We like tulle and lace containing gold and the sensual and refined side of this line. The selection of parts is ideal for the rest of the expectant mother.