Winter holidays in the sun ...

For the lucky ones it will be destination the sun. A real joy! We are already beginning to dream of beautiful sandy beaches, a sublime sun and the current greyness already looks far away!

Before you go, a trip is coming! And for a Pregnant woman, it is always interesting to know the possible effects of the sun during Pregnancy.

Already, let's agree the sun is the ally of our morale for everyone including pregnant women. It is well known, people are generally more relaxed and smiling on a sunny day, so during a holiday in the sun your morale will be in good shape.

But beware, pregnancy changes your body and unusual reactions following sun exposure may appear. A tip, for your holiday think about redoubling your vigilance and sunscreen!

The pregnancy mask is one of the possible reactions of pregnant women. It is a hyperpigmentation of certain areas of the face and neck that occurs during exposure to the sun. Dark brown spots appear and may persist for 6 months after delivery.

Also beware of varicose veins, as heat and ultraviolet rays tend to exacerbate blood circulation problems. Particularly annoying and split effect during pregnancy

In order to avoid any risk during your holiday think about:

- Avoid exposing yourself between 11am and 4pm

- Use high sun protection

- Avoid prolonged exposures

- Wear a hat

- Think about hydrating yourself

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