The new collection of maternity bolas has arrived!

The new collection of maternity bolas has arrived!

Cache Coeur presents its new collection of maternity bolas

Inspired by bohemian and geometric / futuristic trends, Cache Coeur launches its new collection of pregnancy bolas. Discover this emotional jewel, the ideal gift for pregnant women!

The history of the pregnancy bola

The bola of pregnancy, a symbolic jewel originating in South America and imported to Indonesia, is the ideal gift for pregnant women. He will accompany the expectant mother throughout the pregnancy and after childbirth! In addition to highlighting the pretty belly of pregnant women, It emits a soft, soft ringing that will reassure the baby during pregnancy and even after! Indeed, He will hear the sound of pregnancy bola from the 20th week of pregnancy. Baby will be rocked and soothed by the light ringing of pregnancy jewelry. After childbirth, the pregnancy pendant can be worn as a jumper over the cradle or attached to the stroller. The familiar sound of pregnancy bola will reassure baby and remind him of the well-being he felt when he was in his mother's womb. In addition to highlighting the curves and outfits of expectant mothers, it has real benefits!

The perfect pregnancy gift for expectant mothers

Traditionally, we offer the pregnancy bola to the future mother. So this is the pregnancy gift ideal to please the mother-to-be and embellish her pregnancy! This is a gift for the mother-to-be and for her baby! But nothing prevents to offer it for the well-being of the baby!

Cache Coeur offers you different models of pregnancy bolas, there is something for everyone! This year, Cache Coeur has developed pregnancy bolas in order to be able to satisfy mothers and satisfy their desires. In addition to pregnancy bolas essentials such as Babyfeet or the classics bubbles, we have created two collections, one bohemian-inspired, the other futuristic and geometric. Discover the achievements with finesse!

The Bull pregnancy bola: Irregularly layered bubbles swirl across the enamel. This contrast brings light and sparkle to this jewel expectant mother unavoidable. The bola de pregnancy exists in ivory enamel with golden bubbles or in black enamel with rose gold bubbles.

The Boudoir pregnancy bola : To mark the entry of the new collection, we present the pregnancy bola Absolutely unique boudoir, an exceptional piece with its quilted style that plays on volumes. This creation emanates from a subtle blend of design and chic at the same time which has a beautiful effect. This future mom jewel, adorned with SWAROVSKI rhinestones of great refinement illuminated with the mixture of gold or silver. This piece is worn with a rhodium-plated or gilded with fine gold chain.

The Pregnancy bola Knot : This jewel is enhanced with an elegant bow, a final touch of femininity of this pregnancy bola. It exists in black enamel topped with a gold bow or in pink or blue enamel with a silver bow.

The Mon Etoile pregnancy bola : This pregnant woman jewelry in black enamel adorned with a gold-plated medal holds all its meaning in the star which represents harmony, beauty, light as well as perfection. The pregnancy bola is available in black enamel with a gold plated medal and a 925 silver chain gilded with fine gold as well as in ivory enamel with a rhodium medal and a 925 silver chain.

The Gravity pregnancy bola: The Gravity bola is a pregnancy jewelry supported by a pyramid with raised lines that give it a remarkable identity! Inspired by the current geometric trend, it will go perfectly with a sober outfit for a simple ... but chic look!

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