Start 2015 with poetry with MAGIC!

Start 2015 with poetry with MAGIC!

Cache Coeur proves even more poetic for the launch of its new line of maternity and breastfeeding lingerie Magic.  Explore your femininity in this magical new world where glamour and well-being rhyme to perfection!

Of Breastfeeding bra, shorty and low-waisted panties, the MAGIC lingerie line is not lacking in magic and comes in three refined and smooth colours - Petal, Cloud, and Black - for the happiness of all.

The basket bra, with frames, guarantees a perfect shape for a sublimated neckline. Its innovative material, perfectly suited to the maternity lingerie, the Spacer, is extremely soft and comfortable. Plus, lined with a delicate lurex lace, this bra can only seduce you with its subtle shine.

The delicacy of the microfibre drape angel skin on the straps and exteriors of the bonnets, as well as the pretty knot between the bonnets sublimate the finishes of this bra as well as your neckline.  As for the breast-feeding clips, they are magnetized and are integrated with elegance and discretion to the straps of the bra.

The matching stockings are made with the same finesse and make the whole worthy of a real adornment.
So ladies, don't hesitate and get ready for this exceptional set that will make you beautiful and unique! Let the magic begin!