For a smooth start to the school year ...

The perfect recipe for those cocooning moments forpregnant womenand theyoung mothersis: 100% well-being, maximum softness and a pinch of femininity (it's essential to be beautiful even at home)!

In order to be sure that you make the most of these special moments (and to respond to the ingredients of this superb recipe), we have created the line of pregnancy pajamas ideal:

The Delicious collection

This line ofmaternity and nursing homewearoffers two models, onematernity and nursing pajamasand an pregnancy and nursing nightie, both imbued with softness and femininity.

The Delicious maternity and nursing pajama set, consisting of a maternity camisole and a maternity pants, is ideal for young and slightly cautious mothers-to-be who adore the sport-chic style while being feminine.

The Delicious maternity and nursing nightie, for its part, is a subtle blend of femininity and softness, with a touch of "sport-chic" spirit.

The essential element of this line of maternity and nursing pajamas, which will seduce you all and which you will not be able to do without, is its modal material of infinite softness.

Wearing this maternity and nursing pajama set or this nightie for pregnant women means being enveloped in a cocoon of softness and well-being, which you never want to get rid of.

And that's why, as I told you, this line of maternity and nursing homewear is THE IDEAL LINE for cocooning moments!