Choosing your nursing bra

How to choose the right nursing bra?

Which bra to choose?
During early pregnancy, choose a quality breastfeeding bra one size larger with underwire and wide straps. The nursing bra should wrap well around the breasts without crushing them. So don't hesitate to invest in a good breastfeeding bra to regain their beauty after pregnancy, it will be your best ally during this period (breastfeeding bra)!

With or without reinforcement?
It will depend on your habits and your breast size! If you choose a underwired nursing bra, only take models with ultra-flexible underwire really designed for breastfeeding, and very good quality models because the breastfeeding bra is a fairly technical product.
The frames of our maternity and nursing bras are extra flexible and designed to ensure optimum support. Our underwire has a more open curvature so as not to injure the sides, and a flexibility of torsion to allow extreme comfort from cup B to cup F (large breastfeeding bra).

Which model to choose?
To choose your nursing bra, you must choose a model that can scale as much as possible. Our "scalable" cups adapt to the change in breast volume and thus allow you to gain cup depth during pregnancy.

Our "Fashion" advice
Throughout pregnancy and after, Cache Coeur accompanies you with the most suitable pregnancy and breastfeeding bra that will guarantee you to always be fashionable with easy and quick access to the breast with maximum discretion and comfort!
• 3rd month:
I am planning a comfortable evolutive pregnancy lingerie with good support (breastfeeding bra: Bohème, Illusion, Dunes, 3D light, Signature)
• 6th month:
I am planning a feminine and comfortable maternity and nursing lingerie (3D Light)
• 8th month:
I am planning an evolutive breastfeeding bra that lets you breathe (Illusion, Signature)
• 9th month:
I am planning a microfiber nursing bra for the surge of milk after childbirth (3D Light, Illusion, Bohème)
1st month of baby:
I am planning a non-wired nursing bra (Bohème, 3D Light, Illusion)
2nd month of baby:
I'm planning an ultra feminine and comfortable nursing bra (Boyish, Dunes, Lisa)
3rd month of baby:
I am planning a nursing bra in microfiber, cotton and hypoallergenic material (Signature, Lisa ...)