Exercise with your baby

Exercise with your baby

What sports do blanket and baby do together?

Before you put forward an article about Exercise during pregnancyThis is your child. We're talking about baby sports today. Yes, it's well known, Exercise is good for healthLet yourself be seduced by this new trend.


But why "baby sport"?

Sports and baby: hidden heart underwear

Baby sports, often called "Baby Sports", is a good way to wake up your child's body. In addition to that, it provides relaxation and relaxationSoothe the babyJust leave space for your energy and good mood! The benefits are not just for your children. It also allows you to spend time outside with your kids, slowly getting back in shape, and at the same time Meet other moms.

If you prefer framed exercises, many centers now offer open courses. For mom and kidsBy professionals and For your child's age, For one Safety campaign.


What "baby sport" do you choose?


Sports and babies: swimming

Swimming is a sport that will definitely make your baby happy.-Yes. From 4 months old, babies can start bathing. Some public swimming pools even offerBaby swimmer"Yes." Babies have swimming reflexes, flapping their legs and arms, and know how to close their mouth and eyes when in contact with water. Yes, after nine months in the amniotic fluid, the baby is as comfortable in the water as in the mother's stomach. The baby swimming course familiarizes your calf with water contact in an interesting way, while giving it a sense of relaxation and freedom.



Exercise and baby: Yoga

Yoga is a sport that children will love. Yoga is a perfect way to develop a sense of balance. It is an interesting activity to learn new postures and postures when you are young. This event Stimulating infant development Through proper massage and exercise. Yoga can let the baby get attention and exercise Develop body awareness50、 Why not practice yoga with children? Practicing mother and baby yoga is a good way Return to health after childbirth Promote the integration of mother and baby.

Find clothes that are convenient for you to practice yoga with your baby in our online underwear store. Our brewery It is an ideal choice to simplify breastfeeding during exercise.



Exercise and baby: gym

It's like yoga and swimming "Baby Gym" course What is the goal of baby gymnasticsHelp infants or children develop motor ability-Yes. In particular, he is learning Coordinate his actions and Get a good sense of balance.


Running with your baby:

Sports and baby: sports car

Since your baby was born, you want to get back to health, but don't have the time to do so? If you like running, Explore the new trend of "sports car"-Yes. Put on your sportswear and take your kids out for a run. Your kids will love to see the world around themOh, my God! Observe the safety instructions of this campaign!