Falls for elegance

THE Bamboo pregnancy swimsuit is resolutely sophisticated with its pretty textured material. Its banner neckline and removable straps allow you to adopt a more glamou lookR to sunbathe on the beach. We love its wooden effect ring with a crotch which brings the touch of seduction to this 1-piece jersey.

Heart cache to desigate swimsuits that bring Comfort and well-being In future mothers, which is why the Bamboo jersey has an elastic under chest and integrated shells. In this way, Your chest will be maintained and sublimated !

Its material made in France perfectly marries the evolutionary forms of future mothers for 9 months and even after. Sun protection is provided thanks to its material which is also Anti-UV warranty.


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Maillot de bain grossesse bamboo marine, cache cœur Maillot de bain grossesse bamboo marine, cache cœur
Marine bamboo pregnancy swimsuit
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