The story of a creator of maternity and breastfeeding lingerie

Cache Coeur is the French brand specializing in future mothers. The history of the brand begins in 2008 when a couple, Audrey and Philippe Trolliet, decide to revolutionize the maternity lingerie and breastfeeding.

The idea of ​​Cache Coeur was born after the designer, Audrey Trolliet, discussed at length with pregnant friends who complained about the lack of femininity of the breastfeeding lingerie. The brand was therefore created in order to propose maternity lingerie And breastfeeding meeting the technical needs of this period while adding glamor and modernity.

Their strength is based on a perfect symbiosis. On the one hand, Audrey with her creativity and exceptional know-how, resulting from her years of experience in the biggest lingerie brands. On the other hand, Philippe has strong experience in business and management, after working for more than 15 years in the trade.

Today, Cache Coeur develops 3 collections perfectly suited to maternity and breastfeeding. The collections, maternity and breastfeeding lingerie, pregnancy pajamas and breastfeeding and pregnancy swimsuits Heart hide, are full of sweetness, elegance and modernity.



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Because in every mom, hides a woman!


The specialist brand of maternity and breastfeeding lingerie

Cache Coerterie cache know-how has enabled the brand to create maternity and breastfeeding lingerie, maternity and breastfeeding pajamas as well as pregnancy swimsuits of strong technicality and 'Extreme comfort while providing French refinement.

Our creation team has worked for years on the development of maternity and breastfeeding products, in order to meet all the needs of future mothers:

Comfort(flexible materials, ultra -soft microfiber)
Scalable(scalable cups, 4 background positions for the back)
Maintenance (1/2 reinforcement moon, reinforced back for large sizes)
Quality(Perfect finishes, many quality controls)
Ease of use(exclusive magnetic clip for easy access)
Interview(washing machine on "delicate position")

Cache Coeur represents elegance and French refinement.


The leader brand on the maternity and breastfeeding market

With Cache Coeur, nursing lingerie is no longer hidden!