Giving birth during the holidays

Giving birth during the holidays

Worried aboutgiving birth on Christmas or New Year's Eve ? Cache Coeur gives you some advice to make the birth of your little prince or your little princess an even more magical event.


At the maternity ward

In all maternities, a childcare system is provided, whatever the time or whatever the day. You will therefore have staff available to you so that your delivery takes place in the best possible conditions. Even if he'delivery falls during celebrations, a midwife will be present to welcome future mothers. Depending on the size of the facility, an obstetrician and an anesthesiologist will be on site.

The only thing you risk to giving birth during the holidaysis to have your little one as an extra gift!

With the staff

Holidays are generally quieter times. With the exception of emergencies, there are no scheduled operations during this period. The doctors and midwives who are on call that evening are often in a very good mood, and more available to expectant mothers. As for the atmosphere, it is more relaxed.

The anniversary date

It's hard to forget the birthday of someone who was born on December 25th or January 1st!
If your child is born during the holidays, multiply the gifts to show him that you take into account that it is his birthday.
For example, you can celebrate her birthday at lunch and Christmas at dinner, or mark her birthday and celebrate it as if it were her birthday.

An event to be celebrated with the family

Giving birth during the holidaysIt also means being surrounded by your family, who will be reunited for the occasion and who can welcome that extra family member with joy.
What's more, being with your loved ones at this time will help you avoid the baby blues.

We hope to have given you the elements to reassure you for this great moment. You can find our lines of nursing lingerie as well as our breast pads on our website: