Birth announcement

Birth announcement

It is true that today, to create a pretty birth announcements on specialized sites is very simple. But maybe you are looking for a birth announcements that looks like you and that is personalized to make a big impression on this very special day?
We have decided to share with you some of our ideas.

Make your own birth announcement

In creative hobby stores, you can find everything you need to give way to your imagination and create a birth announcements really unique. You can even personalize each card according to who you are sending it to!

Call on an illustrator

If you do not have the soul of a creative or if you cannot find the time to make a birth announcements original, consider calling in a professional. He can take portraits of your family. All you have to do is give it your specifications!

An original photo of your child

Now is the time to have fun creating your birth announcements by staging your baby! For example, you can lay your child on your bed, then create a whole decor with everything you can find in your home. After that, we just have to immortalize the moment!

Shoot a video

Engine and… Action! Showing your family in a video can be a great way to surprise those around you. Once the video is made, you can send it by mail on a CD or USB stick. And you can also distribute it on social media or email.

We hope we have given you some original ideas for this great announcement. You can find our lines of maternity lingerie as well as our bolas, swimwear and breast pads on our website: