Feeding While Breastfeeding, Do I Have to Adjust Everything?

Feeding While Breastfeeding, Do I Have to Adjust Everything?

You chose to breast-feed your baby ? You have many advice from your friends, your family or even websites and you are lost? Rest assured ! There are no big changes to what you eat and drink during your pregnancy. Simply 4 rules to keep in mind. We enlighten you on the subject!

Thefood has an important role during your pregnancy but also throughout the time you are going to breastfeed your baby. Indeed, what you will eat during this period will have a direct impact on the breastmilk and its quality therefore on the health and growth of your baby.

1. Eat enough

During this period of feeding with milk, you have to eat enough. Your body will need the extra calories to compensate for those burned by breastfeeding - around 500 calories. Your diet should therefore provide between 2000 and 2500 calories per day to have enough energy throughout the day.

However, you don't have to eat for two either. The body will indeed draw on the reserves accumulated during pregnancy to produce the milk necessary for your baby's nutritional needs.

Ban diets! Although pregnancy may have made you curvy, do not try to lose weight while breastfeeding on a low calorie diet. You will accumulate fatigue which will not be good for you or your baby.

balanced dish

2. Balance your diet

Did you balance your diet during your pregnancy? Very good, however, it is recommended to have a varied and balanced diet. It is good to vary foods and eat from each group at different meals throughout the day. (Meat / fish / fruits and vegetables / dairy products / starchy foods).

Good news! You will be able to reintegrate certain foods not recommended during your pregnancy into your consumption habits, such as, for example, cheese and / or raw fish.

3. Drink when you are thirsty

The link between water consumption and milk production has not been proven to date. There is no correlation between the amount of fluid ingested and that of milk produced.

It is not necessary to drink more than usual when you are breastfeeding, however it is recommended to drink between 1.5L and 2L to have a healthy body. Remember to drink when you are thirsty and to have a bottle of water with you to completely quench your thirst.


4. Avoid or cut down on certain foods

During this breastfeeding period, decrease the consumption of coffee and tea to 2 or 3 cups per day. The caffeine present in these two drinks will be ingested by the baby through your breast milk. Although it is not harmful below 2/3 cups, this recommendation should not be exceeded to prevent your baby from being nervous.

Just like during the pregnancy, avoid and forget about alcohol consumption for as long as you are breastfeed your baby. This consumption can indeed cause stunted growth in children.

We hope our advice has been helpful and wish you good breastfeeding !

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