Our advice for creating your birth list!

Our advice for creating your birth list!

Everyone knows the wedding list where we will draw gift ideas to give to the newlyweds. The birth list to it also made its appearance for a few years in France ...

But what is it ? The birth of a baby takes a lot of essential and essential purchases, so you have to plan ahead to welcome your baby! This list will help you prepare for your arrival, it will allow you to list all the things you will need before and after the birth.

This event is going to be popular by an avalanche of gifts from those around you who want to help you prepare for the baby's arrival. Besides an essential help for future parents, the birth list can also be a joker for those close to you in need of gift ideas. It will also avoid having duplicates and things that you don't necessarily want.

1. How to create it?

On the Internet, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to creating your birth list. In fact, the majority of large brands dedicated to childcare have developed a birth list system (Babies R’US / Aubert / Jacadi / Vertbaudert).

There are also several sites that will allow you to create a birth list by centralizing the gifts from different brands.

You can also offer those around you an option on the birth list. Some people may not want to choose from the list of gifts on offer, so you can make an online fundraiser available where they are free to put whatever budget they want.

2. What to put in it?

It is recommended that you offer a variety of products on your birth list to allow those around you to have the "choice" of the gift.

Several themes:

-        Baby's room

- His diet

- Clothes

- Baby care (toilet / health / safety)

- Baby's outings

- Entertain and awaken the baby

- Pamper future parents

However, you need to make purchases of 1time need for the baby's arrival. In fact, you will receive the gifts as you go, depending on the visits from those around you, which may take several weeks or months.

It is also necessary to provide gifts at different prices to allow your friends or family to participate according to the budgets.

3. When to prepare it?

It is customary to wait for the 5th months before creating their birth list. You may have had time to find out the sex of the baby and think about your needs. You can send the birth list one or two months before your due date.

4. How to transmit it?

Some couples fear that the birth list will be misinterpreted by those around them, they don't want them to feel obligated to participate. You can then ask future grandparents or your best friends to pass on the information. When sending share births, slip a small card with the place or the link to access your birth list.

We hope you find these tips helpful in preparing your birth list.

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