Good news of the day: You can start or continue to breastfeed your child during COVID19!

Good news of the day: You can start or continue to breastfeed your child during COVID19!

Indeed, during this time of epidemic, it is necessary to remember that breast milk is very effective in protecting your newborn baby from diseases that he may encounter thanks to the antibodies that you transmit to him through breastfeeding. 

How does my body make breast milk?

During your pregnancy, your body will develop a large blood capillary network in your breasts. This will then allow all the elements that make up breast milk (proteins, lipids, water, carbohydrates, etc.) to be brought to manufacturing cells. This helps prepare for lactation.

When you give birth, your pregnancy hormones will stop being produced. This makes room for a hormone made by your brain: prolactin.

This hormone will allow the synthesis and storage of your milk.

Thanks to this process, you will have surges of milk and will therefore be able to breastfeed your baby.

But what about breastfeeding and Covid19?


Breastfeeding and Covid19

According to scientists' perspective on covid19, this virus does not circulate in the blood of patients: breast milk is therefore not affected by it.

It is even important to support all women who want to start or continue to breastfeed. Indeed, thanks to the antibodies transmitted during feedings, your child's immune defenses will be increasingly strengthened and this will allow your newborn to fight viruses. In case of difficulties, it is essential to refer them to IBCLC lactation consultants, professionals trained in breastfeeding or support associations

In order to minimize the risks, you can follow the advice provided byElise CHENEL pediatric nurse in the neonatal service of the Robert Debré hospital (Information taken from the program "La maison des maternelles" of 17.03.2020) :

è Wash your hands well before and after carrying your baby to the breast, as well as regularly during the day

è Wear a mask when breastfeeding to protect your child and to share a gentle moment with him.

And above all, don't forget! Follow the instructions against COVID19 to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Take care of yourself,

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