Fabric masks category 1, l'aventure brestoise

Fabric masks category 1, l'aventure brestoise

After two months of confinement, it's time to take our first steps towards our new life ! Economic activity has awakened and many of you have returned to work. And as we all know, even if this deconfinement starts a return to our life before, let's savor it, it will still be with social distancing and barrier gestures on a daily basis !

In terms of barrier gestures, the daily wearing of the mask is one of the main protective measures. Today, more than 4.5 million masks are used per day and more than 84 million are requested from companies that can provide them ! Especially since it takes 2 to 3 per day per person for optimal protection. Indeed, the average duration of protection for a mask is 4 hours, sometimes less if your mask shows signs of moisture.

There have been many of you who have asked us if we could make washable category 1 masks and make them accessible to as many people as possible. After hesitating due to our modest production capacity and in the face of the responsiveness and production of the big brands, we finally decided to participate in the national effort and get started ! So we decided to ACT ! Act for you, your safety, your health, because you be our priority. Act for the environment, limiting waste and consumption of disposable goods. Act for all of us, for tomorrow, by facilitating the wearing of masks with soft materials, an aesthetic in tune with the times and a thoughtful ergonomics.

More than 13,000 masks will be manufactured in our workshops, who work tirelessly in order to produce hundreds of masks a day to provide maximum of you !

Our category 1 textile masks made of Oeko-Tex materials follow AFNOR standards, be adjustable, washable and reusable ! Our designer Audrey imagined the pattern to make these masks in our workshop.

These masks are designed with a triple thickness :

- a charmeuse layer ;

- lining ;

- and an additional internal protection with the presence of a foam that is removable thanks to a slot present at the bottom of the mask.

They will adapt perfectly to your morphology and those of the whole family thanks to these two adjustable straps to tie behind the head. All our masks are sold at a price of 6 euros on our website. At the end of the year when the virus is circulating strongly again we decided to sell them 3,50€ either cost price. They are also suitable for children thanks to the ties that fit behind the head.


- Wash your hands with soap or hydro-alcoholic gel before any manipulation, it is an essential step to put on your mask, as well as to remove it.

- Place the first cord behind your head, then tie the second cord behind your skull to hold for the next 3 hours.

- When your mask is positioned correctly on your face, do not touch it until you remove it.

- Machine wash your mask after each use at 60°.

- After each wash, wait until the mask and the inner foam are completely dry before using them again.

Instructions for use