Alyson tested Curve for you!

Alyson tested Curve for you!

Discover the curve experience of Alyson, she gave birth on July 10, 2017 and began to test the Breastfeeding pads Curve on August 2, 2017.

What other brands have you tested in terms of breastfeeding pads?

"I tested the Nuk disposable pads, they are adhesives but take off regularly and move in the bra and are not very discreet. On the other hand, they are practical for the night because they can stick to pajamas ”.


And your experience with LAVABLE CURVE breastfeeding pads?

"They are aesthetic, discreet and adapt perfectly to the shape of the breast, they are comfortable and perfectly absorb milk (from smaller leaks to the most important). There is no residue on the surface of the spacer. Only negative point, at night they cannot be worn without a bra, unlike a disposable ”.


How do you use our curve breastfeeding pads?

“I change my pair of pads once a day and I keep my pair of pads night throughout the night. After 2 months when I alternated with the bottle, I can keep my pair of pads all day. "


How do you wash our curve breastfeeding pads?

"I wash them by hand with rinse and machine spin, and drying in the open air. Once a week I wash my pads in 60 degrees. After two months of frequent use and washing, the pads remain intact and do not be damaged, very good quality. "