Benefits of breastfeeding

Benefits of breastfeeding

breast-feeding It's good for the healthy development of the child and for the mother.

What is breast milk?

The exact ingredients of milk are not fixed, which change throughout the breastfeeding process and are adjusted to the needs of children. stay Breast milk is very complete From a nutritional point of view, these components will play an important role in children's health: non allergenic proteins, sugar, fat, vitamins and minerals; enzymes, essential fatty acids, antibodies, hormones and growth factors... For newborns, Breast milk will provide everything it needs to get more antibodies and Fight infection. Breast milk meets more than half of the nutritional needs of children after six months and almost the next year.

Breast milk is good for the health of infants

stay breast milk, with basic nutritional needs Healthy growth of children-Yes. Breast milk contains strong antibodies that are not found in commercial formulas. Your child will be more resistant to infection. WHO recommendations Breastfeeding for the first six months-Yes. Breast milk contains fatty acids that are beneficial to the development of the brain and nervous system, which helps children develop their intelligence. Moreover, when the child is no longer hungry, he will choose to abstain from alcohol. The sport will help prevent him from losing weight in his life. breast milk Contains enzymes that help to digest fat, reduce the risk of intolerance, and are easy to access and digest.


The benefits of breastfeeding for mothers

There is a skin to skin contact between the mother and the child, the child feels warm, the sense of security and strong attachment are connected. breast-feeding It has unique and lasting benefits that can help lose weight by taking advantage of the fat stored during pregnancy breast-feeding You have to take 500 more calories a day, and the body burns 940 calories every liter of milk you produce. According to who, Breast feeding reduces the risk of cancer Ovarian and breast cancer.