The original pregnancy announcements

The original pregnancy announcements

The arrival of the baby is always an important time filled with happiness and sharing. For this great event, thepregnancy announcement always wants to be more surprising and original in order to enjoy this emotion with the person who shares his life or his family. This is why we have listed 5 original pregnancy announcements.


1/ The M & M’s

Choose theannouncement of your pregnancy with personalized M & Ms with explicit messages like "you are going to be a dad", "I have a big event to tell you" or "I am pregnant".

2/ The Rebu

The Rebu is a more “puzzle” way of telling people that you are pregnant. Organize a family meal and distribute your rebus to all the guests and share this moment of happiness together.

3/ A personalized object

To surprise your significant other or your family, wear a T-shirt with the words "girl or boy?" ". Then choose to take off your sweater in the middle of your evening, to reveal the message, and announce your pregnancy.

You can also choose to give a personalized gift with the message: "the best granny in the world".


4/ Rent a billboard

If you want to go overboard, rent a billboard with a catchy message: "Lucas, you're gonna be a dad." All you have to do is pass him in front of the panel and to him announce your pregnancy verbally.

5/ A photograph

Now is the time to stage yourself for a photograph that you will post by phone, email or on social media. For example, photograph 3 pairs of shoes: yours, your half's, and the future baby's.