Generous chest - Which bra to choose?

Generous chest - Which bra to choose?

Have a generous chest is often a sign of seduction, provided it is showcased well.

So opt for square or "V" necklines, of course avoiding that they are too plunging.

But the real secret to having a beautiful breastis to wear bras in the right size and adapted to a strong breast, it is therefore necessary to privilege a very good maintenance. Cups or cups, if you wear the right bra size, no one will guess that you are wearing the H cup. You should know that there are different shapes of bras, and that they do not fit all. breasts. For example, triangles and bands should be avoided for a generous bust. It's all about balance, the bra must be able to support the weight of the breasts.

Also avoid strapless dresses, which are rather reserved for women with small (or medium) breasts. Even if it is very pretty, with a strong breast a strapless neckline won't stop slipping, crushing your bust. Also to be avoided, materials that bring volume to the chest, such as frills for example, which considerably increase the size of your cleavage.


Straps and back

Prefer them plus size bras with wide straps, because the thin straps do not sufficiently support the big breasts. In addition, to ensure a good hold, the fastener in the back must have at least three staple heights, and the back circumference must be wide enough.

The frames

The bras with underwire are essential for a real maintenance of a strong breast. They allow you to position the breast correctly by preventing the bra from moving. It is possible to find bras with vertical underwire on each side of the chest that keep the bra in place to ensure more comfort in everyday movements.

The beanies

Full cup bra is ideal for large breasts, as it envelops the entire breast and strengthens support. So choose full cup cups for comfort all day long.

Our maternity and nursing lingerie lines Lollypop and Gloss have a cup size up to H. Lollypop is without reinforcement and ensures optimal support thanks in particular to its cotton foam very comfortable. Gloss is a bra with underwire, its encasing shape allows a perfect hold. Seamless and microfiber, it gives a second skin impression, to perfectly meet the needs of comfort and well-being of pregnant women.