What is a Baby Shower?

What is a Baby Shower?

Very widespread in the United States for many years, the Baby-shower is just around the corner in France. Usually held at the end of pregnancy, around the eighth month, thegoal is to celebrate the arrival of the baby. So the friends of the expectant mother are gathered to share a good time together around a small gourmet break and fun activities.


Which theme to choose for a baby-shower?

Most often, the baby shower is organized around a theme, which will serve as a reference for the decoration, the meal and the activities organized during the evening.

Here are some ideas of themes for your evening:

            - Color theme
(Pink for a little girl, blue for a boy
or other colors, if you do not wish to reveal the sex of the child)
            - Childhood memories theme
(organize the evening around the games and activities of your childhood)
            - Theme films and / or music
            - Country theme


And for the meal?

Usually, during a baby shower, the table is decorated in the colors of the party and filled with delicious treats. Opt for macaroons, cupcakes, pop cakes and colorful candy boxes for the sweet, and / or for verrines, petits-fours, skewers or even wraps for the salty side.

What activities to do during the evening?

You are pregnant and you want to organize a baby shower ?
Cache Coeur offers you a selection of games to liven up your evening!

1. Give a necklace to each participant in the event. Each time they say the word "baby," their necklace will be taken off by the one who surprises them saying the forbidden word.
At the end of the evening, the winner is the one with the most necklace. We can give him a small reward.

2. At the start of the evening, each participant draws a rubber bracelet on which is written
"My name is pacifier" "diaper" or "bottle". Throughout the baby shower, everyone is called by their new name. The one who makes a mistake gives his bracelet to the one who noticed the mistake. The person with the most bracelets at the end of the evening will be rewarded.

3. Each of the guests brings a photo of her baby. Put all the photos together and try to find which person corresponds to which photo.

4. A classic! The guests have to guess the waist size of the mother-to-be. Each cuts a piece of string / wool corresponding to what she thinks is the size of the mother-to-be and the measurement is tested on the pregnant woman. The person closest to reality wins a small gift.

5. Prepare several words related to pregnancy in a container. Pick a word and try to make others guess it by drawing it (or by miming it).

6. Blindfold the two participants in the game. Place the same objects related to the baby (pacifier, bottle, bottle brush ...) in two boxes. Name an item, and the first person to remove the item from the bag earns 1 point. The winner is the one with the most points when all the objects have been taken out.

What gifts to offer during a Baby Shower?

During a baby shower, you can give gifts for the baby (toys, soft toys, early learning games, etc.) but also and above all gifts for the mother-to-be.

for example
- a Bola, which symbolizes the bond between the pregnant woman and her baby
- a pretty set of maternity lingerie and breastfeeding
- a pregnancy swimsuit
- a pajamas for pregnant women to wear during moments of relaxation.

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