Magnetized breastfeeding clips: A unique know-how!

Magnetized breastfeeding clips: A unique know-how!

Heart cache, specialist in maternity and breastfeeding lingerie Designed all its products so as to help and enhance women in their new role: maternity.
Also, all of our collections are designed to provide perfect comfort and support, as well as practical access to breastfeeding.


Our creators have developed a system of breastfeeding clips Unique!

The majority of breastfeeding support are equipped with magnetic clips, working with one hand. They allow mothers practical, easy and quick access to breastfeeding. They are integrated into the suspenders of the brake cache in a discreet way, thus, no one will guess that it is a breastfeeding.


Our bras provided with these clips:
- Lollypop - Lisa
- 3D Light - Gloss
- Garçonne - Mosaic

Some of our breastfeeding nightie also have magnetic clips, such as Lisa line.