Sleep well when you are pregnant?

Sleep well when you are pregnant?

Sleep during the pregnancy is easier said than done! And yes, being pregnant is tiring. During the pregnancy, your body needs a good night's sleep more than ever. But now, your hormones are disturbing you, the nights are restless, your growing belly bothers you and you have difficulty settling down ... This is why we have put together a list of tips for you. sleep well during pregnancy :

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1- Swatch your diet

When you are pregnant, problems sleeping can be linked to difficult digestion. It is recommended for pregnant women to drink a lot of water during the day but a little less in the evening to avoid waking up every 5 minutes during the night.

If you have heartburn, don't hesitate to eat early and wait 2-3 hours before going to bed, this is the time of food digestion.

Also, be sure to eat light, avoiding protein and favoring slow sugars. Also ban exciting drinks after 4 pm: coffee, tea, soda ...

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2- Find the right position to sleep

During the first month of your pregnancy it is important to learn to sit on your left side when sleeping. In this way the compression of the vena cava on the right side will be avoided. This position will help you fall asleep comfortably and will allow you to have better nights throughout your journey. pregnancy.

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3- Get moving!

Don't hesitate to exercise to stay in shape. Exercising allows the pregnant woman to have better blood circulation. This better circulation will reduce cramps during the night. Avoid exercising late in the day, however, as this releases adrenaline which can make it harder to fall asleep at night. For advice on "which sports to adopt when you are pregnant», Do not hesitate to consult our article on the subject.

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4- Have a ritual before bedtime

Going to bed and getting up at the same time each day can help you relax before bed. Having a ritual every night such as reading before bed, drinking herbal tea or taking a bath can help pregnant woman to relax before going to bed. And yes, your body's internal clock is more important than you might imagine.

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