The benefits of prenatal aquagym

The benefits of prenatal aquagym


Prenatal aqua aerobics will prepare you for childbirth, this activity is halfway between sport and the relaxation. Aquagym is particularly recommended by health professionals during pregnancy. Indeed, even pregnant, it is recommended to have a sports activity adapted to ensure good physical health. This gentle practice is ideal for doing during the metamorphosis period of pregnancy. Cache Coeur explains everything about this practice!


You can start aquagym from start of your pregnancy and in most cases until the end, if you have not been advised against it. However, pregnant women usually start water aerobics when they feel the first pains that is, from the second trimester. Do not panic! Prenatal aquagym will not affect the onset of your pregnancy, the exercises are suitable.

Why ?

Aquagym has many benefits on the pregnant woman! Thewater is recognized for its lightening effects, you will feel less of the weight brought by the baby. Once in the water you will feel free to move around and it will be easier to perform the exercises. The pressure of the water on your body will also soothe certain pains that appear throughout your pregnancy. Heavy legs are one of the negative effects of having a baby. Your legs will be lightened by the effect of the water, it will also prevent edema in the legs.


Some recommendations ...

Cache Coeur reminds you that the practice of aquagym must be upstream validated by a healthcare professional like a gynecologist or a midwife. Your medical condition or an unsafe pregnancy may not allow you to take its course.

Can you do the prenatal aquagym lessons? Great ! Remember, however, to listen to your body and follow the teacher's advice.

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