The essentials to have to breastfeed baby!

The essentials to have to breastfeed baby!

Since always, heart hide has the desire to modernize, to facilitate and make breastfeeding accessible to all moms. On the occasion of the World Breastfeeding Week, here are our essentials to adopt to breastfeeding baby upon arrival:

For baby:

Baby grows and grows fast, it evolves and its teeth start to grow! We discovered the brand Minty Wendy proposing breastfeeding, trend for you and useful for your baby!

For you :

1) Washable breastfeeding pads

Generally breastfeeding also rhymes with losses of milk. Always unpleasant and often unexpected his losses are a calvary for breastfeeding moms. Our advice? adopt our CURVE washable breastfeeding pads, effective and absorbent, they are also Eco-responsible and Made in France !

2) A lingerie adapted to breastfeeding

Our Lingerie cache heart Is essential to getting when we are breastfeeding his baby. Why ? Practice, all of our breastfeeding bra have traditional or magnetic clips to facilitate access to the breast. Our lingerie lines are at once comfortable and refined Because at heart cache, we think it is possible to reconcile comfort and trend, even during breastfeeding!

3) a breastfeeding pajamas with access to the breast

For breastfeeding at home in all ease, what better than a breastfeeding pajamas? Comfortable sweet and practical, our heart cache pajamas have an openness to the ideal breast for breastfeeding. And for something more sensual, do not hesitate to opt for one of our maternity hazards !

4) Cosmetics adapted to the baby

The body changes during pregnancy and after delivery: so what better than cosmetic products to take care of yourself? Many cosmetics are present in the rays of supermarkets but what brand is good for me or baby? Discover this pretty French brand,EVE & ROSE Who has developed cosmetics specially designed to respect the health of mom and baby: during & after pregnancy.

And you ? What are or what were your essentials to breastfeed baby?

Have you adopted one of our products?