Bikini is 70 years old! Back to its history

Bikini is 70 years old! Back to its history


Just 70 years ago, the Bikini Appeared for the first time on the French beaches. He entered the feminine mode thanks to Louis Réard, a French car engineer, on July 5, 1946.

It is worn by Micheline Bernadini, a dancer at the Casino de Paris, during the Fête de l' eau, at the swimming pool Molitor in Paris. At the time, the bikini was not interested in big world and went unnoticed, the seaside resort of only a very small number of French, from an elitist environment.

The icon.

We have to wait until the 1950s, and more precisely 1953 with Brigitte Bardot, when she poses in her Bikini, on the Carlton beach in Cannes. So the bikini starts to get a name and gradually comes out of the shadows. In 1959, he was even sacred. Clothing of the season " By Vogue magazine. It is increasingly adopted by the stars of the big screen, such as Catherine Deneuve and Marilyn Monroe, who wear it on the beaches and contribute to her notoriety.


Despite this growing fame, bikini has been the subject of numerous scandals. The French prefectures banished him from the beaches of the Atlantic coast and the sale of bikinis was banned in Spain, Italy and Belgium, under pressure from the church.


The 60s and the May 68 movement, with the explosion of youth, allow the bikini to free itself completely. It was also at this time that it appeared on cinema screens, notably thanks to this cult scene where the James Bond girl, Ursula Andress, emerges from the sea, opposite Sean Connery, in a white bikini, in the film " James Bond 007 against Dr. No ".

The rest of the world knows it. This Two-piece swimsuit Is the most sold in the world. Globally known and recognized, the name bikini is the same in all languages, this swimsuit is the symbol of a summer of relaxation, on the seaside, under the sun.

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Pregnancy in the summer.

However, when you are pregnant, there are some precautions to take before exposure to the sun.

Indeed, during pregnancy, the skin becomes more fragile and sensitive. It must therefore be protected to the maximum to avoid the appearance of the pregnancy mask, brown spots on the face. Favour solar creams with a high index, at least one UPF 50 + protection, to renew several times in the day. Hydrate yourself with a lot of water. Also, remember to protect your belly with a bathing suit, woven in a protective material with a suitable shape and adopt a broad-bridled hat to protect your face.

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