Our plus size maternity lingerie line is growing!

Our plus size maternity lingerie line is growing!

The gloss line is growing with the new black color. Discover all its secrets.

Have a generous chest is often Sign of seduction, provided you are well enhanced. It is therefore essential to bring a bra to the right size and adapted to a strong breast, which gave you absolute support. It's all about balance, the bra has to support your chest weight.

The line of pregnancy lingerie and of maternity gloss offers a Adapted lingerie to all breasts. The Gloss bra supports pregnant women, during all their pregnancy, thanks to its wide size of hat, up to H and backstroke, until 105! Its extra-souple reinforcements and its nagging shape provide you with impeccable support and absolute comfort.

The gloss line and its new black color is both modern and technical, thanks to Cache Coeur know-how. He is also very feminine and glamorous with his bubble print, both matt and brilliant, and his heart jewel between the cups of the bra. It will quickly become the essential glamor and comfortable of your wardrobe.

Black gloss

Gloss secrets

Technology. The 4 stapling positions in the back allow you to take up to a back turn during your pregnancy, bringing maximum comfort. The molded cups are seamless and make the gloss bra that is completely invisible under the clothes. The bras of the Gloss Bonnets F, G and H bras are also wider (18mm) for unique support and comfort.

The material. The glossy pregnancy and breastfeeding line is 100% microfiber, ensuring unequaled sweetness.

Breastfeeding clips. The maternity and breastfeeding bra has unique magnetic clips designed by our creation team. They are one hand, facilitating access to breast and breastfeeding.


The Gloss Black collection

Gloss breastfeeding bra: Designed in microfiber, the pregnancy bra Gloss will give you a daily comfort and well-being. The bubble motif with its mat and brilliant effect brings femininity and originality to the whole. Maintaining is ensured thanks to its nagging shape and molded cups.

There Gloss low -waisted pregnancy panties : There maternity panties Gloss, in microfiber, is extremely gentle and is completely invisible under clothing, for optimal comfort.

Motherhood shorty low -waisted gloss : THE pregnancy shorty Gloss is ideal for pregnancy but can also be worn after childbirth, thanks to its low waist. It is therefore also suitable for young mothers.