Pregnancy Bola: New Year News

Pregnancy Bola: New Year News

Indispensable during pregnancy and breastfeeding, pregnancy bolas Are real symbolic jewels that accompany you throughout your experience. With its success at Cache Coeur, the Bola collection welcomes small new to match with your new seasonal look!

New colors or new models, there is something for everyone!

The story of Bola at Cache Coeur

Heart Cache & The Bolas

In recent years, heart cache offers moms and future moms of exceptional jewels! Taken on the belly, their melodies soothed baby in utero or comforts it during breastfeeding. This emotional jewel allows it to find a familiar sound, during and after pregnancy to stay serene and reassured in all its first moments.

They also allow mom to showcase his curves and accessorize his pregnancy looks!

Inspired by Mexican and Indonesian traditions, the Bolas are real jewelry with unique know-how! Heart cache has to offer quality bolas with refined finishes and thoughts for you!

The timeless

As the years, the Bola Collection Enlarged and the concept has evolved!

At Cache Coeur, the principle is simple: choose your bola and customize it with a chain or cord according to your desires and change your look easily and to infinity!

The collection Provides refined and worked lines so that every mother or future mom is there!

>> Babyfeet, Timeless of the collection, will make you crack with their small decorative diamond powder feet offering a playful and funny jewel for all!

>> Glossy, elegant and modern jewelry, offer a tendency look to moms! Granted to a golden chain, it ensures a total gold look!

>> Precious, as the Sphere where the rhodium boudoir, with their finishes in Swarovski crystals! Glamor and trimmed of rhinestones, these bolas offer you a glittering pregnancy!

>> Discover the entire collection!

Every year, novelties appear to meet your desires and new trends!


New Year's News

This year, to sublimate your seasonal looks, cache heart launches 5 new bolas of pregnancy and breastfeeding, female and modern, which will make you crack for sure!

A new babtyfeet!

Very appreciated in moms and future moms, the BOLA BABYFEET already declines in 4 different colors. To complete the collection and bring new colors, now discover the golden pink gold babyfet! A feminine and trendy color that perfectly agrees with seasonal looks!

This new color and this detail small pieces of diamond powder form a perfect mix of sobriety and elegance!

A new line with 4 models!

To mark this end of the year with brilliance, cache heart launches its new Bola Eva line, composed of 4 colors!

Their geometric models with refined gilding make these new unique and exceptional jewelry novelties. Their warm colors enhanced with gilding will be able to work all year long according to your looks thanks to the different cords that can be changed to the infinite!

Received in their jewelry boxes, this is the ideal gift for young moms or future moms!


It's up to you to play, opt for the Bola who looks like you, which will sublime your looks and symbolize your pregnancy with baby!

Maintenance tips

Over time, Bola asks to be maintained and some precautions should be taken from the beginning!

To preserve your jewel, here are the essential points to remember:

-REToire it to take your shower and pay attention to household products if you clean.

-Avoid wearing them during your sports or sleeping moments, they could be damaged or broken.

-When you are not wearing them, put your bolas in a jewelry box or bag to prevent the cord from tangling and damaging daylight.

-To clean your bola, use a soft cloth and rub the surface by making small circles with the cloth.

-Avoid wearing them to the beach or swimming pool, it might not support and get damaged.

Take a look at our models and fall for the one that looks like you!

>> Make your choice or prepare your Christmas list !!